I have a boyfriend AND a crush on someone. Is it bad that i kind of want to explore the crush and if it doesnt work come back to my boyfriend?


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Well, just tell your boyfriend that you do want a break from your relationship. Then, get to know your crush a bit. If you like your bf better then your crush date him. Vice versa. Try to decide by which one is more violent, which one respects your space more, which one tries to comfort you when you're sad, etc. Etc.
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Well, its kinda a bad thing because if he finds out that the reason you want a break is because you have a crush on someone else, then that not to good. And if the other guy finds out that you have a bf but your takng a break because you like him..... Then he wouldnt want to date you because he'll think your a player! Soooo what I'm trying to say is...... BAD IDEA!!! :P well, hope this helped!
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Yes as this is where Angels fear to tread because if your BF ever finds out and the crush does to, you lose both so sometimes its more not having what you want, but wanting what you have  and maturity will tell you the difference one day
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Sara Risley
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Well i mean if i take a break from my bf and then investigate my feelings...
Arthur Wright
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Yes if you break up with bf thats cool but you have no guarantee that he will be waiting for you to see what happens with this crush so you could still lose both

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