What Are The Symptoms To Love?


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Love is one of the most power feelings in the world and it can make you feel at your happiest but also at your lowest. Its the feeling that wont go away no matter how much you try to, it can make you worry more about that special person,you feel like you can open up completely and do things that you would never have believed you would do. If you fight instead of wanting to argue your willing to say sorry even if it wasn't your fault just so that you can go back to cuddling and kissing, lead upon on the sofa watching a film, or playing some cards or maybe a bit of scrabble. Love has no limits and it can be a powerful spell over your heart.
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The symptoms of love can vary from person to person. But you can differentiate between love and crush or infatuation with the passage of time. Love is persistent, it never dies. Infatuation and crush are short-living. If you love a person, you ignore all his shortcomings, weaknesses, and forgive him even if he makes a big mistake. Where as, infatuation stop existing in such cases.
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When we are in Love both are always make arguments in each other it is because of Love. The main symptoms of the Love is both can not live without each other. They always think that she or he is doing or some other times they feel they want to meet to each other for whole day & only chat with each other.
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I'm in-love with someone and its messing with all my emotions because I really like him hes the worth more than the world to me but iv had low times 2  where I feel like my hearts going to break in half  and I feel negative about myself.

He makes me feel safe wanted and cared for but I don't know if hes hiding his feelings from me

I would go to him if he was sick in hospital id do anything for him, because I'm 2 soft with him too because I feel like I can say anything and be myself because he accepts me for being myself and the way I look

personality means more to me than the way a person looks and that's where you probably end up finding that person you love and you learn to love them on the outside 2 that's where true beauty lyes is within that  person

that's why I love this guy so much but knowing hes happy makes me happy
but ill always be there for him as a friend if he needs me
when I met up with him, when I got home it was hard to think about him because some of it was a blurr I couldn't remember bits I think my brain shut down lol :)

I got upset today because I want to be with him so much but there's a women in his life
so I'm going to leave it as it is as a friendship what I don't want to loose with him
I'm happy to see him smile knowing hes happy with the person he loves
if  you truly love a person you accept the person they are with even tho its hard too.
That is what true love is knowing there well and happy

well that's what I think x putting others before yourself
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Every time I see the person I love I feel this sensation that starts in my stomach and runs all over my body. Some people describe it as butterflies but to me it is like a burning sensation. I am always thinking about that person. I want to be with him all the time and I miss him when he is not with me .When I am with him by emotions go crazy and my heart starts beating really fast.
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I think I am in love with this boy and he says he loves me back and I hope he means it. Every time I see him I go all weak and get butterflies. Its too complicated for us to be together but I know its love because its impossible for me to stop thinking about him.
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I like a boy but I don't no if he likes me :S
we have a good laugh together he is really cute
I think of him all the time do I like him ?
How do I ask hi I ask him out ?
What do I do? :S
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Love is when you can't even contemplate being without them... When it hurts to be away from them. It's the most horrid feeling in the world to have to be away from him, it feels kind of like I'm drowning, but I can't die. I think about him all the time, it's a cliche that I finally understand. I'd like to put it into better words then that, but I can't. The feeling I get when I'm with him is indescribable. I feel happy, for no other reason, apart from him being near me. I feel as if, if he were to leave me forever, I might die from sadness and lonliness. I can't imagine my life without him, I don't want a life without him. Love is a word you can't put into a definition or meaning, but when you find it, you'll know.
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It's butterflies in your stomach. It's the feeling that he's the only other person in the world and when you're with him nothing else matters. The world outside could crumble but you wouldn't even notice. It's being able to spend countless hours with him..regardless of whether or not you have anything to say. If you can be turly at ease with someone without having to say a word..then there's something there. There's no awkward silence..just a soothing, relaxing calm when you're with him. His kisses make you weak and you crave them when you aren't around him. Just a slight brush of his hand on yours makes you fly to the moon. It's not having to constantly be physical with one another...and still feel that connection. Missing them when you aren't around. Driving yourself crazy when you're's too hard to really explain.
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Love hurts soo much more then any other emotion I have ever felt, a broken heart is like a knife slicing you from you chest to your stomach and leaving the gaping empty hole open for everyone to see, no matter how tightly you crawl into a ball, you just have to wait the pain out.
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When you look in the person,your heart starts beeping, might want to smile,and maybe she or he might be the one... ~*Charles~*
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A person can love you because you are pretty/handsome, or a person can love you because of your character.
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Hell no!! I think if you truely love someone is because the are responding you with the same love ,, I belive loving a person had to go both ways .

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