I Am Constantly Over Analyzing Everything And Turning It Negative In My Head And I Am About To Lose The Love Of My Life Because Of It Is This Anxiety?Can Anyone Help Me.


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I have the same problem, but there is someone you are probably forgetting about. Yourself. Your not just hurting others but yourself. What you really need to do is relax. If there is something stressful going on in your life then take care of the problem. Otherwise take a nice vacation from it. About overanalyzing, try and not do that. I know, easier said than done. When you start to overanalyze something, try to catch yourself at it. If you can do this you can stop yourself.

The thing you really need to do is to talk the ones you believe you are hurting. Tell them how you feel about the situations and let them understand how you are hurting. Believe me, if you hold it in it will only get worse.

If this advice helps you but you need more, PLEASE post a comment saying so because you don't want your life to take a wrong turn.
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Analyzing is a good thing, when it becomes over, you think very differently, you tend to find loopholes, stop thinking / analyzing for some days, it will be normal once again.
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Yes, and that person is You! Chill out, put a blank sheet of paper in front of you while you are sitting at the kitchen table. Draw a line top to bottom down the center of the paper. List on one side of the line everything that you like, would like or want. List on the other side exactly what you feel have, was or are being denied you. Work on both sides of the line, till you fill up the one side of the paper. Don't write on the backside of the paper yet!

Leave the paper on the table for 4 hours. Go back to & read one side and then the other. Print on the backside one item from each side of the line. That's your problem and there is what you have to work on to get whats on the other side. Only after you know how important what you want is.....you will work on eliminating the obstacle to obtaining it! Earn what you want by changing the negative...Now you approach him and clearly state, It's finally sunk in about what I do to drive you away.....shut up now and listen to what is told to you! Live with it!
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How long have you mistrusted everyone? It sounds like you have a lot of fears of losing someone and you have created what you feared the most ( you created losing someone). Controlling and mistrusting behaviors are definite relationship killers. Choosing to think negative and mistrust has created losing your love, so trusting and thinking positively can certainly do no harm. You have pushed him away so you need to take every thought and think and act its direct opposite before you lose. 

The best way to start is to tell him that you see that you have done this and are making a change beginning NOW, then keep those negative thoughts away, by speaking AND doing the opposite right away.

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