What should I do when the guy I am totally inlove with loves someone else the guy and I have everything in common this has never happen before it is killing me thinking of them togher....... HELP?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Ahh, jealousy rears its ugly head here. Put yourself in their shoes and you wouldn't want somebody else to try and tear you apart so don't try to to tear them apart. All you can do here is either be patient and let their relationship run its course or move on and find someone else . You have no guarantee that even if he was with you that things would work out and he sees that while you cant. Quit wasting time trying to wish things were so and concentrate on someone you know that will like you back.  Good luck

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Danelle Rautenbach
Kay yeah that makes sense but he is the one who comes and visit me and told me he liked me what should I do about that send him on his way?
Arthur Wright
Arthur Wright commented
Just be honest with him and tell him he cant have his cake and icing to so until he can stay a one-woman man, see ya
Danelle Rautenbach
Thanks!! Its true if he wants to cheat on her he can do it with me 2

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