I am a constant lier and am about to lose my whole family. How do I stop lying. It is like second nature to me. I need help?


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Sometimes, yes, it is a second nature. It is a disorder called Pathological Lying. Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of it. You can only ever do things to try and help improve it. Example, when someone asks you something that you have the urge to lie about, think very very carefully before you answer. Realize that even if you think the truth may hurt you, it is going to hurt you more to lie and have them find out later.

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They say that liars are very selfish and very insecure. We lie to make ourself look good, and look better than we really feel. Lying is a choice, People do it to show off because its all about how they look to others. They  have no one left, because people see that they don't care about those they love as much as they care about how they appear. I'm not being mean, I telling you that its YOUR choice to Lie. I'm also telling you that lying to look good to others actually makes a person appear worse to others and others don't want to be around you. 

What exactly has lying done for you in a positive way? When you think of it, you don't want to look pathetic or pitiable, you want people to look up to you, that makes you feel good. So logically wouldn't a person look up to someone who is honest and truthful? How many people would actually look up to and admire a liar? The choice is clearer now isn't it?

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

You took the first 2 major steps here, 1. Admitting you have a problem and 2 admitting you need help.  This is an excellent starts but don't stop.  You don't say your age so I'll take it as under 18. So have your Parents get the help you need or check with your local church as most have members in this field that are willing to donate time to those in need.  

Once lying has pretty much consumed your life, its not easy to overcome by yourself but you do need to think about what you truly want to say before opening your mouth or don't say anything at all.  Now once branded a liar, its not easy to regain others trust in you so expect criticism for some time til they figure you are no longer a liar.  

Not an easy road here but you have started and I'm impressed for one.  Good luck

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You said it yourself, you need help. Find a good therapist, or psychologist and get it.

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"And many nations will go and say: “Come, let us go up to the mountain of Jehovah, and to the house of the God of Jacob. He will instruct us about his ways, and we will walk in his paths.”- Micah 4:2

Jehovah is a God who listens to the one who cries for help, and awaits their response, to His pleas.  At John chapter 17, verse 25-26, Jesus- a "mediator between man and God" (1 Timothy 2:5), whose name is "Jehovah" (Isaiah 42:8)- said this, in prayer to God:

"Righteous Father, the world has, indeed, not come to know you, but I know you, and these (Jesus' disciples) have come to know that you sent me. I have made your name known to them and will make it known, so that the love with which you loved me may be in them and I in union with them.”

Regaining the trust of family, may require patience.  But is not coming to "know", understand and appreciate the One who is the source of trust and honesty, the obvious, best way of achieving such a goal?

Jehovah is not interested in human politics, human commercialism nor human religious notions.  But He is interested in those crying out for help!

He will also provide deliverance from hopelessness: "He will swallow up death forever, and the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will wipe away the tears from all faces. The reproach of his people he will take away from all the earth.  For Jehovah himself has spoken it!"- Isaiah 25:8

In loyal anticipation of this, the Psalmist- at Psalm 132:7- said: "Let us come into his residence", where: "He will instruct us about his ways, and we will walk in his paths.”- Isaiah 2:3

Jehovah "watches over the paths of justice, and he will guard the way of his loyal ones."- Psalms 2:8

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