What Are Good Describing Words For A Mom?


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A mom is somebody who either gives birth to a child or looks after a child as if it were her own. Hence, describing words (or adjectives) for a mum could include caring, warm, loving, gentle, sensitive, and friendly.

Adjectives, in simple terms, are just words that are used to describe a noun. In this instance, the noun is ‘mom’. An adjective, or a describing word as you have said, can also be used to just say a bit more about nouns. In order to get the idea clearly, you will need to know what nouns are. So let’s look at nouns. All people in the world, all things, and all names for everything are nouns. For instance the sun, bed sheets, a hat, chest of drawers, a laptop, a man called ‘Sam’, a clock, a tree, a rodeo, an owl, a foot and all other things that are used to refer to a thing (tangible or not) are all nouns. These are simply the names of things and to know more about a noun, or a thing, an adjective is used to explain.

For instance, you might want to tell somebody that you saw a foot today. Telling somebody that you saw a foot may seem a little odd given that you see a foot every day. It also doesn’t get to the point if what you are trying to say is that you saw a deformed foot. Hence, you should use the word ‘deformed’ in front of the noun ‘foot’ to suggest that you have seen a deformed foot. This means that you aren’t stating the obvious and saying something pointless, you are in fact telling somebody that something slightly out of the ordinary occurred to you today - no matter how boring that experience may actually have been.

Hence, adjectives to describe a mom can refer to the thing ‘mom’, or your mom’s personality.
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What a GREAT question, Matador! I'm going to have to give this some more thought and will return to leave/add on to this response in a bit! :)

Update 9/24/07: Ok, I had to think about this, and finally fudged here a little; I could only do this by using ONE word for each kind of stage of my life... I hope this is still alright.

When I was 5: Goddess. She was my WHOLE world, able to do ANYTHING and with a love that was felt eternal and whole and all-encompassing. I believed her word was the absolute truth about everything. She knew all, was all, and took my breath away with her loveliness and her sweet voice. I would have done anything for her, and I tried to. (Unfortunately I almost burned down the house when I tried to iron her apron, and I got in 'trouble' at at summer bible school at this age because I was the only one in a room of 100 kids who raised my hand when asked "who loves their mommy more than Jesus..." :)

When I was 10: Devoted. No matter what, she was there, doing her absolute best to love and care for her children. Always, painstakingly, self-sacrficingly.

When I was 13: Sad. In tears much of the time. My heart broke for her, and I wanted so much to be able to take her tears away.

When I was 15: Strict! Wow, she was very afraid for me being in the world. I was afraid I couldn't be. We butted heads constantly.

When I was 18: Tentative. Still afraid for me and my siblings, though always there to lend a hand.

When I was 25: Disappointed. Wanting to see her life and the lives of me and my siblings be nothing but the absolute best, I think the reality of her own and our shortcomings as human beings was disappointing to her. Still she stayed strong and hopeful.

When I was married and raising my own family: Supportive. Always there, trying to see the best in me. Loving my children and reaching out to us to give whatever she could in terms of her love.

When my Dad died: Afraid. She had defined herself in terms of the men in her life all her life. When my father died, she didn't know she could continue to live as herself. She found she could...

Now: Lovely. Her tenderness, her compassion, her giving, her capacity to forgive, her love is the never-failing kind. I watch her and see the impact on the world she makes with her kindness, and wish I could find the words that could tell her this properly. I find I am short on these words. I admire her, love her, respect her, though I am certain she doesn't know the extent... Everyday I am grateful for her -- that I got to be her daughter. I miss our time together!
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My one word would be "strong" - she brought up 6 children alone with very little money.
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Strong, My mom passed away 16 years ago & I still miss her. She was that special friend I could call and talk to her about any thing. She raised 5 children (2 girls & 3 boys) with out a man. 3 husbands and not one of the was good enough for her. I love her with all my heart and can't wait to see her again. Love & Miss you mom
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AWESOME---B/C she always put us girls before anything else.
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My mom is the best mom in this whole world. She's someone who completes me. She's the best she's perfect.
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.visible god.(since she is the only person who give birth to us,teaches us ,built us in right way without expecting any thing from us.)
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Mom is a tree which is live for others or her family and feel every hardness of teh world but always shady for her leaf
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Survivor. That's the word that I would pick for my mother. At the age of 3 years old myself and my 3 brothers all in close age range were taken into social services due to drug, alcohol and physical abuse between our mother and father. Despite all that our parents put us through mentally/physically in our early childhood - we were able to forgive them, mainly our mother, and move on to newer and better things in life like our lives and futures. Our mother picked the pieces of her life up bit by bit (taking her 14 years) till she realized that she needed shaping up. Now after having the background that she started off with in her childhood and early adult hood - she now can say that she survived the worst of being a drug addict, alcohol abuser, and physical abuser. She has gone to college and mastered in Criminal Justice to master what she had always tried to run away from in her past and also become a born again Christian. Nothing stops her from pursuing what she desires. That's why I choose to describe her as a survivor.
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That is a great question! Since I'm a mom myself I often think what my kids think of me? If I had to describe my mom in one word I would have to say "Strong". The reason for this is because as a child my mother went through a lot, a divorce from my dad who cheated other contuiously, she finally said no more. She then was a single mother of 2 my older brother and I. Then she remarried to my now step dad who is 8 years younger than herself. Then he cheated on my mom after then having two more kids. Now they have worked this out. I'm very thankful for this, my dad now is a great man. But strong is the word. To go through all of that twice in a life time takes a strong person to get through it and make it work. "My Mom is Strong"!
Thank you
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In just one word, I would desire to describe my beloved mother as my "confidante." Really, she is the one with whom I can talk about anything…literally anything. She is ever present to unravel and solve my quandaries and dilemmas. She is the one who has bestowed me with 100% confidence and well as complete freedom and independence.
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Strong, My mom passed away 16 years ago and I still miss her. She was that special friend that I could call and talk to about any & every thing. She raised 5 children (2 Girls and 3 Boys) with out a man. 3 husbands and not 1 of them was good enough for her. I know where she is now & I can't wait to see her again. I love you mom
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I say this because she is always ragging on someone about something. I don't understand it. When we were growing up she showed how to be independent, strong and to not be dreamers like our dad. We totally looked up to her when we were younger, especially my 2 sisters and I, but despite all that she is very unhappy.
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"Understanding" In spite of the fact that she can irritate and annoy me like no one else, she is always willing to listen to me, help me if she can and tell me her wish for me is that I am happy. I'm not always as nice to her as I would like to be. I love my Mommy.
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My mum who died 3 years ago was the most generous person I know. As you only want one word it would have to be generous. But I need to qualify it. Generous to me means , self sacrificing,doing without for her children, always forgiving no matter how many times you got it wrong, generous in spirit, she had nothing but love for all especially those worse off than ourselves and would offer up her prayers for everyone else rather than for her own needs. And when all is said and done, she was no different than most mothers.
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Self-absorbed. She is ashamed that I stayed with my kids, she is proud of my sister(living dead) for basically being wealthy, by the way I am poor, and very happy w/my life. She however feels my living conditions are horrid, and because of being poor, to her of course my kids are white trash. Incedently my sister is poor in mind and spirit. Not all mothers are blessed!
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Mother is a lively invention of god. Who takes lots of pain to give birth to us. Stands by us when we are in trouble
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Sometimes funny, although care free. My ma just passed away 7 months ago. But I keep her in mind and heart. But you know, if you look up in the sky, just like praying, just him or her what you had done for yourself. A question to be preserved.
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Prolific. She has a huge variety of information floating around inside her head. My one true love in life is learning, she gave me that love.
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She is my role model. She's been with me through my whole life, supporting me and helping me. I only wish I can be like her when I grow up
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"Bestfriend" because she is always there for me when I need help, or talk to someone and gives me advice..... She will never let me down! Thanks Ma!!
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Compassionate! She always understood what was going on in my life and would listen to me rant and rave or laugh and giggle. She also had a wonderful sense of humor! I miss my mom.
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Selfless would be my word of choice.when we were young and food and money were scarce she  often went without so we wouldnt have to. When I was ill, she went without sleep so that she could comfort me. When I was older and on many occasion's was lifted off the street and placed in barracks holding cells, she would risk her own life to track me down. They would refuse to tell her were they were holding me and made her travel all over the place from barracks to barracks . She went into dangerous areas for catholics and never gave up. Sometimes I would have been in the first place she looked, but they lied to her and sent her on a wild goose chase. Even though she knew this may be the case, she never gave up.  I was about 13 when it started and it went on like that until my late 20s . But she would always be there for me. Knowing this was a great comfort to me in itself. But in all that time, I never heard her loose her temper or her dignity.  God how I miss her. As we say herein this part of the world, you never miss your mother til shes buried beneath the clay.
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My mother, has shown me unconditional love always. She is the one, who taught me to love, and laugh, have morales, to know right from wrong, and that we are accountable for our own actions. 
  She has watched me face my fears and helped me find my way back, when I took the wrong path. Shown me how to give, and have compassion for others, and have respect for all.
    My strength and all that I am,comes from her.
        My"mother" my love
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One word that describe my mom is strong,because as a young child my mama fought with my father but kept us together all five of her kids.  As a single parent it was hard for her and she stayed strong when she felt weak jus to keep us happy and together and one house. She strong cause working a full-time job tryin to pay rent and keep food on the table, pay the bills it was hard for her and some time she cried herself to sleep but she kept strong though it all and manage to do it by herself. She kept herself strong and thats one word I can describe about my mom and I tell her this this day.
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It won't let me say , I did everything wile she stayed in bed I brought up my little sister for as long as I can remember and I am still looking after her  to this day years later after leaving home 6 years ago.
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GIVING. Though we all have our faults, including my mother, and myself, we need to focus on the good. And my mother is always giving. Also, I know there are some bad parents out there, but try to give them the respect they deserve.
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Perfect!!!! My mom is my role model and I strive to be exactly like her. Her marriage is perfect (she got married to my dad when he was 21 and she was 17 and they've been married 30 years in December!!!), she home schooled us (was a stay at home mom) and to me is just the perfect example of what a mother, friend and wife should be.
I Love her to Death!!!
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Crazy, weird, rude, lost, ...but some what sweet, sorry I couldn't just say one word..
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Truth: In my case, mom is truth because she is the only one who care me from my first breath to till now and for forever. She is the only real God at this planet.sacrifice her own intrest for me..
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My mom is the best and she would do anything for me. My mom is loving responsible and always willing to do anything
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Amazing-she always is there for me and when there is a problem, she helps me through it. She puts her life away so we can have ours.
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Well, my mom has 2 sides of her: Over-protective: I am very limited in privileges that I should have. (Ex: I did not get a cell phone until I was 12) and nice: She always cares for the health and safety for her three children.
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Empathetic, jubilant, miraculous, blissful, forgiving, trustworthy, unique, and nurturing. I can't describe moms in one word!
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She is my mentor bcs she is the only one from the first day of my life who always taking care of me and taught me the right way to live respectful life and to stay far from wrong things and to help all those who need

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Let me think...I would have to say devoted! My mom lives in a care home kind of far away from where I live because she has a disease and she needs 24 7 care that my dad brothers and I just can't give to her. She tries as best she can to be close to me and my family we go and see her every sunday. She loves to see us. I went to this website to find words that I can put into a poem for mothers day. It was kind of sad to read some of the others comments on how they're moms are mean, rude and stuff. If they are anything like my mom (personality wise) I would totally disagree. If you read this really look at your mom. See what she does for you. I would do anything to have a mom that stood near me.
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You are telling me or everyone in the whole world the Hardest thing on earth .My answer is "Patient".She was so patient to give birth for 3 children.It consisted keen and deep love...Oh God it's so hard that I ran out of words dude.Everyone have mothers and we are lucky.Even for orphans there are mothers in the form of true friends .
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I would say caring/ strong for my mom, caring because even when I act up or don't behave she still buys me stuff and keeps a roof over my head, strong because she raised three daughters almost on her own and still can get a job specific amount [ 2 ] and raise her kids.
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So my one word would be love.

She didn't do anything amazing  (like raise 6 kids with no husband or something)
but I always will know she will be there for for me
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My mom is strong she had such little  money with like 7 pets. But I mean we still have all 7 of them
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Its crazy but I cannot describe my mother in one word. But If I tried very hard I would say GIFTED. Well there you go, it wasted that hard after all. :-)
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Understanding - I am not the best person in the world, but she always understands me, even at all my low points throughout my life.
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My mom would be called { Earth} because she brings forth life to all of her 4 kids, because she strong as is this earth of our, can withstand the worst storms ever! Yes my mom is mother Earth!
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  • Darling
  • Sweet
  • Lovely
  • Innocent
  • Caring
  • Lovable
  • The Best
  • Kind
  • Sacrifices everything
  • Reliable
  • Thank~Ful
  • Puts a lot of effort in taking care of you.
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Are all words dedicated to my mother on her Big day:13th June'10
Vinayak Dewan
New Delhi,IND
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Anoying. Or. Simple
she is always playing and anoying me and really simple about things

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