What is something you and your best friend do together?


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Ancient Hippy answered

Eat, we both love to eat. We go to all different kinds of restaurants or one of us makes a unique meal.

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Skip Gentry answered

Like Jan said, my best friend passed away also. But when she was here, we would go out to lunch, go shopping, go to movies, spend time at each other's homes, and we went on several vacations together.

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With one, we watch all of the award shows. With the other, we watch the World Cup and any political speeches or debates. With both, we loved going out to dine and drink. We haven't done that in ages.

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Mountain Man answered

We help each other with home projects when help is needed and drink beer.

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Skip  Gentry
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Have you heard the song Drink A Beer by Luke Bryan? Your answer reminded me of it. Good Morning Mountain Man :)
Mountain  Man
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Good morning Skip! I don't think I've heard that song. I'll have to youtube it. :)
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Nealious James answered

Roy! Two of the coolest things that we do together is to play badminton and
exercise at the gym! Since I am better than he is at handling the racket, I do
help him a lot at weekly training sessions. On the other hand, since he is a
more experienced weight lifter, he is an essential assistant when we train!

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Jann Nikka answered

Before she died of breast cancer, dining, shopping, visiting new houses, short trips within 50 miles, movies, picnics, lots of things,  we even double dated a couple times, workouts and I hired her once, we worked together for many years.

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I don't have any friends. Until a few months ago when she died, I had a friend, though I wouldn't describe it as a best friend. Mira and I would like to walk around, not always to a destination. Restaurants or festivals, usually, and we especially liked to walk down to the square or the spring. We tried to look in the newspapers for advertisements for interesting events. Though after a while, I don't know if it was due to dislike of me, or perhaps her mother's (who I knew for a fact had an issue with me), she would hardly go anywhere with me. I had actually had a "crush," I guess you would call it,  on her for a couple of years, but had always been too shy and awkward to tell or ask her out. I did end up telling about my feelings a few weeks before her death, to which she didn't really say much to it other than "that's fine. I'm alright with you having a crush on me."

Though I guess that whole paragraph is awkwardly personal. Oh well.

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