There's this certain girl who is a bit younger than me. At first we are friends. Second thing I know, I trust her the most. I have other friends who are girls, but the feelings aren't the same with this one. The question is. Do I like her or love her?


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What's wrong with just liking for now.?

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Sato Sugu
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There's nothing wrong liking for now. It's matter of time that I'd make a mistake if I don't watch myself.
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ask this qustion to the girl....she will give the best answer
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Though keep in mind she goes to an all girl school. She also wants to maintain her grades. But the feelings are different with her. Other girls I hang out, I'm ok.

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A friendship can be the foundation of a romantic relationship, but it can also remain solely a friendship (which is also a wonderful blessing). It shouldn't be rushed.  I would just enjoy this special friendship and see where it leads.

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I might be reading more into this, but how much younger are we talking? If she is still in school your feelings need to be kept in check until she finishes.

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Trust has nothing to do, just that you managed to tune on to her wavelength. Wait for sometime you're definite to change your mind about her. You don't need to trust anybody just get along to keep the peace all around.

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LOL this is a really immature answer, but as a teen you can always try the good old taking a bunch of “Do I have a crush?” quizzes online. You can always compare your results across the board.

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Sato Sugu
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Most of those results are based on teenagers who are different from all of us. Each of us are unique. You may say we have a pattern, but if we do. Life would be simple. There are those who to make things harder for people, some who can't be bothered to do anything. While those who try, can never please mankind.
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Um...Well you don’t say? offense but chill out with the philosophy. What’s your point? It’s fact that patterns exist. You can figure out if you like someone as a friend, romantically, or if you don’t like them at all. Maybe you just admire her because she is want you want to be. She’s a role model. That’s platonic attraction. Or maybe you want physical contact with her, that’d be sexual/romantic attraction. This is one of the simplest questions you can answer about yourself. Stop overthinking it.

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