If a guy heard something bad about u and you text him an ask if he is mad about it and he says "kids big its straight tho" what does he mean? Does he not like me cuz of what he heard cuz it was oral sex related


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I don't think this means anything like that. He's just trying to seem diplomatic and reasonable by seeming like he is staying neutral. He doesn't want to come off as bias or anything like that. Either that or he just doesn't care.

Something somewhat similar happened to me, but without the oral sex part. The guy I have a crush on wasn't going to homecoming because he already told this girl (who is also one of my very many friend) who likes him that he wasn't going when she asked him out. He didn't want to hurt her feelings by saying no so he just said that he wasn't going. I wanted to ask him to homecoming too but that would look really bad if he said yes to me, so I went on my merry way and went to homecoming with someone else (but only as friends).

The next week, my crush asked me sharpen to his pencil for some weird reason and kept on asking me to do it until I was finally willing to. I told him that as compensation, he would drive me somewhere. In the car, I brought up homecoming very casually. When I asked my crush if he was going to homecoming, he gave me a cute smile and this "I might, maybe, well I don't know" answer instead of the "no" he gave to my friend. Then the guy I like found out that I was going to homecoming with someone else and since then he was really distant. Many people I know also started teasing me that I have a crush on the guy I was going with when we were really going as friends.

After the dance, I talked to my crush and he asked me how my homecoming date was. I said that it was okay, we just went as friends, and that my date was really awkward (due to a reason that I'm not going to go into detail to). I tried to straighten things out, but my crush kept going "I'm sure he (my date) didn't mean for it to be so awkward" or "he (my date) is a cool guy and he probably feels bad" and pretty much trying to justify my date's awkwardness. I started freaking out, thinking that he might not like me anymore, but now he's still flirting with me and we're back to normal as if nothing ever happened. That just confused me more! After discussing this with my guy friends, we came to the conclusion that my crush was probably trying to seem reasonable and unbiased.

So that's why, I think that your crush might be going through this phase (if he likes you). I wouldn't worry too much about it because this phase wouldn't last forever. And if it's because he doesn't care and doesn't like you, then it wasn't meant to be and move on. Hope this helps.

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