How can you tell your ex you still like him?


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Sweety you dont tell him, you just show him, he will respond to that better.         

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larissa kowlessar
okay well today we kissed on lips well it was an dear and i was not going to do it but the rule was if you don't your hair will be shaved and i told my friend well shave my head and then he said come and go ahead and he did respond to the kiss that was like wow and he kept on watching me so i think i will
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awww that's so cute
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You never know how they feel, guys are stubborn most of the time and won't
tell you if they miss you. I wouldn't just straight up tell him, but if
you miss him and never tell him, you may never get a second chance. Just
start talking to him more, remind him of what you guys had in common,
rekindle the fire lol.         

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In situations like this you've just got to bite the bullet and tell him how you feel if that's truly what you want to do. Hope it works out for ya!

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