How to tell a guy you like him?


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We go to different schools but I really like him. But...he's in year 10 and I'm year 8. We used to talk all the time on Facebook and stuff but I stopped because I thought I was being too forward. I remember once he said "I love you" but he was just like joking around so it probably doesn't mean anything. 

I've known him for a couple years through a club/group I go to. When we went away with the group for camping we stayed in a tent. I was the only girl in my group and slept next to him...haha, sounds kinda weird. 

I even hugged him which was his idea. Anyway, so now we don't speak much and he usually starts talking to me first. I don't want to seem too pushy and I'm quite shy and quiet around guys, so how do I just hint towards the idea that I like him and see how he reacts back?

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You should either ask him it was a joke if it wasnt say "i love you too" if it was try to talk to him more and try to find out if hes dating if yes move along or ask him sometime if hes dating if no try to make a move.

So basically find out if he loves you is dating and hes single try date him. Just don't tell him "I love you" out of no where because hell probably be weirded out and try disconnect to you or say that he doesn't love you.

Lastly if you're lucky he'll love you back. On rare occasions, he'll pretend to love you just to make you happy.

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