What do you do to calm yourself down?


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Danae Hitch answered

I would try and figure out what is causing me to get all riled up in the first place. If it's something that I could fix, I would do that.

If I had no control over the situation, I would decide if there was something else I could have done - did I do the best I could do? If so, I would let it go. If there is something I could do now, I would see if it was in my best interest to fix it or just let it go. Then you just take a breath and just breathe.

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Roy Lovett answered

I take a nap and when I wake up, I'm not that mad anymore. (:

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Matt Radiance answered

It depends how big the situation is & how much time do i have,since i'm a very  exact person, i try to focus & see different perspectives to get myself out of the situation. But what just calms me down in different matters

1.Talking to my mom,cousin & girlfriend

2.Listening to Linkin Park

3.Punching my hands & hitting the wall over & over! (i know that sounds crazy but that calms down & please don't even think about it!!!!!! )

4.Drumming as well but i usually don't do that anymore cause the last time i did it i had to buy new sticks & it don't worth it!!!

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Luke Reine answered

Not talk to you.... Pssshhhhhhh

Firstname Refreshme lastname Profile

Long slow deep breathing, walking it off followed by a calm meditation of whats bothering me.

I usually come to my senses by remembering that letting it go feels better than trying to keep it with me. If something is not going to be important in 10 years from now then whatever it is...I just let it go.

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Didge Doo answered

Depends. If it's just something small, like losing my temper with somebody, I just take myself off on my own for a few minutes. If it's something big, like a serious illness or losing a job, I look at the options and try to plan around it.

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Ancient Hippy answered

I eat pizza or ice cream, or both, to calm myself down. I rarely get upset though, most things just roll down my back.

dragonfly forty-six Profile

I pet my animals.

When I get crabby, my son will ask me if I need a juice and a nap. He will tell me to go to my room and lie down. I do. He's always right about that.

Not Online Anymore Profile

I try to rationalize what's happening. If it's a panic sorta thing you have to concentrate real hard on staying grounded. Tell yourself in an effort to convince yourself you can overcome it and its not really happening. Breathing helps and with that meditation. I can easily meditate while exercizing because my breathing is rhythmic. It's easy to slip into a peaceful state plus exercize releases feel good chemicals in the brain so it's a win win. Hope this helps you! :)

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Frederick Fisk answered

Either playing computer games, or playing music. I just take my mind off the issues for a bit. My subconscious seems to be doing a better work assessing things than I do. Sadly.

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