How Can One Deal With Angry Child?


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There is a story which will help you while dealing with angry child. The story is like this
There was a short tempered boy who always loses temper because of small reasons. On day his father gave him a bag full of nails and asked him to hammer all the nails in the garden fence every time he get angry, just to direct his anger.

So the son did what his father told him to do. On first day he hammered approximately 40 nails, as hammering the nails in the fence was not an easy job, so he tried to control his anger. As days passed by he noted that he was hammering less nails as compared to previous days and because of this activity he was able to control his anger. He told his father about what he observed. His father asked him to remove all nails of every day from the fence. The son started to do what was told by his father and he noted that he did not get angry until no nail was left in the fence.

He told his father what he had attained. His father was very happy about that and he took him to the fence told him after appreciation that that fence would never look like same as it was 2 weeks ago. And after that he told him that the words said in anger would leave marks like holes in the fence. If you said sorry to the person to get angry with then it didn't matter because the wound would remain there.So from above story you try not to lose your temper and give such kind of activity to your child and tell him what lesson he learned from that activity
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Dealing with people is always a difficult job to do because different people have different attitude and trends and you have to deal them according to their taste and liking. If you fail to do so the relations and terms get disturbed and they do not prolong for a long time. So far your question is concerned that how one deal with an angry child can be answered in the following way.

As I told you above that dealing with people is always a difficult work to do and specially dealing with angry child is more tedious thing to handle. Children usually get annoyed and angry on useless things. Stubborn children especially insist all those works to be done and fulfilled, which their elders don't like or those things, which may cause harm or trouble to someone else.

In my opinion an angry child should be dealt in a very polite and loving manner. We should make him realize and understand that he should not angry on minor things and make his elders annoyed. We should try to raise his importance. I hope we can easily deal angry child with such steps.
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There is a simple solution to this. Simply when they are angry and throw a tantrum, take yourself down to their level make eye contact and tell them this was a wrong thing to do. Next send them either in a naughty corner or step. How long they stay on their depends how old they are. (5 years old they stay their for 5 minutes).

Then take them out of where their sitting after their minutes are up and again tell them, at their level and make sure you make eye contact, they have done the wrong thing and make sure you think about the actions before you act. Hope this is helpful and release your frustration.
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I don't know too much but I can tell you I have four kids and have delt with an angry child and you have got to find the root of the child's anger to find out how to fix it, hope this helps.

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