Why Doesn't My 1 Year Old Baby Like To Eat Anything Only Cerilac?


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This is normal for children. My one year old baby also does the same. The doctor has suggested a syrup name 'Incremin' to increase her appetite but she is still the same.

There are many factors which contribute to it. The baby might be very busy in learning how to walk by her own. I suggest you to stop worrying about it. Let your baby decide when and when not to eat. Whenever she will get hungry, she will ask the food. If he is behaving abnormal, not drinking, listless etc then you should go and see your doctor.
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I think Zuhail is right. And don't worry about your child when she gets hungry, she will ask the food.
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My baby is 11 months old and she doesn't want anything solid, what she eat is soft porridge only and purity's, what should I do?

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