My bf wants to touch me down there but im so nervous and self-concious, whenever he tries i push him away and i feel really bad :((((?


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Jimi La'Dawn answered
Tell him that your not confortable yet..ive been with my boyfriend for 2 years and I made him wait for a half a year to do anything. And were still together.
Your boyfriend will understand that your not ready yet and if he doesnt then hes not a true boyfriend.
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max atwood answered
If you don't feel ready for it then make him wait. It will feel allot better for both of you if you both want it, trust me.
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Do what your heart directs. If you don't want that, don't make it happen. Tell him the day you would be ready, you won't push him away then. If he really loves you he will understand.
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Dickie Allen answered
There is nothing wrong with being touched "down there" but don't do it until you will feel comfortable with it. It is not dirty it is a beautiful thing something God gave you to be enjoyed. Because of the way so many parents bring up their children they make them and the church does as well believe it is dirty and not nice to touch unless you are married. That is pure rubbish! Why would God give us something so wonderful and call it dirty or have to be married to be enjoyed? Yes, it is for procreation (making babies) but it is also meant to be pleasurable and enjoyed and you don't have to be married to enjoy this. God did not say anywhere in the Bible you have to be married; man did.

So when you feel ready allow him to touch you up top and down there as well, but not before. Again it is NOT dirty but beautiful and a gift of God our creator.

I will also add, when you decide to have sex, be sure the young man always uses a condom, not only to help prevent you from getting pregnant now but also as a protection from STD s.
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Don't feel bad feel good trust me I let my boyfriend and now he wont do it anymore and I feel like we are growing apart we have been together 2 months and 4 weeks :( and he is now keeping secrets from me and I don't like that I really hate it
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Don't feel embarassed about, that's what happend to me, its ok to be shy about it at first.  But don't do anything that you're not comfortable with, just tell him to wait, and whenever you both think that the moments right to start doing that stuff the go for it.
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Don't ever feel bad doing this as this is what you should do. If he truly liked you, he would respect your request and wait til youre ready instead of trying to push forward here and force you into doing something you don't want to

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