I have a Girlfriend but i flirt with other girls, is that wrong?


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It is okay to flirt but no kissing or hand holding or touching. No sex either;) Just do that with your girlfriend.
JACKIE DIAZ answered
There is nothing wrong with flirting just as no one gets hurts. Flirting is healthy, but as long as it stays there NO more than that if you're in a relationship.
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I flirt alot though. Like i say to people that they look hot, and stuff..
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Absolutely. There is no way to sugarcoat this answer. When you flirt with other girls, your girlfriend feels angry and jealous. You make her self concious and she probably feels like you think she isn't good enough for you. Is that really how you want to make her feel? If you don't love her enough to refrain from hurting her like this, then it's best to not be in a relationship at all. How would you feel if your girlfriend was constantly flirting with ohter guys? My guess is not so great. Love is putting someone else's happiess before your own. If you can't do that for this girl, you might not like her as much as you think you do. Don't be with her just because it's convinient. Or because she's hot or pretty or something. It's better for her to know. You are sending her mixed signals and if I were her I would rather you break up with me than have me be constantly self concious. You are supposed to support and encourage your girlfriend and by flirting with other girls, your not being a good boyfriend. The next question is how far do you take the flirting? Is it just a smile or a wink or do you do as far as to hug them and kiss them and have them sit on your lap? Don't get me wrong, both are awful and hurtful to your girlfriend but one is worse than the other. If you just smile, it should be easy enough for you to stop by avoiding those girls. If you hug them and things like that, I'm surprised your girlfriend hasn't broken up with you yet. The other problem this creates is if she is friends with those girls. You ruin their friendship by flirting with them while dating your girlfriend. Is it really worth that? Please don't hurt your girlfriend and make her feel bad about herself.
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I think it's not a good thing. But yeah, a lot of people do it these days. If it's restricted to just flirting, it's OK. But anyway, who are we to judge. You and your girlfriend should discuss this. Even if we say it;s OK and your gf says it is NOT, then it's NOT OK. :) But yes anything beyond flirting is a NO. :D
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Ok, I'm a girl and I'm pretty sure if I was your girlfriend, I wouldnt want you flirting w/other girls. I mean, I wouldnt mind if it was innocent flirting but if you're full on flirting with another girl, don't exactly see that as the right thing to do.
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I flirt with everybody. I hold hands with everybody and I hug everybody and tell everybody I love them. There's nothing wrong with harmless flirting unless the person your flirting with takes it seriously.
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No it appears to be the norm these days.I guess if he does not get serious with another girl then all is well he thinks you are better.
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Its kind of a bit wrong but its okay if your not planning on doing anything with those girls then its okay I guess=)

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