Is it wrong to flirt with other boys when you have a boyfriend?


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Andy Hakopian Profile
Andy Hakopian answered
Yes, becaue if he did the same to you. You would feel crushed.
Nikki Smith Oliver Profile
No i do it the whole time but dont do anything else with them though because then they'll walk all over you and might tell your boyfriend
Hannah Davis Profile
Hannah Davis answered
Yes...even if ur boyfriend is flirting with other girls. If thats the case, then dump him. No reason to stay with a guy if he's flirting with others, or if u like other guys.
Vicky Awesome Profile
Vicky Awesome answered
I just got a boyfriend myself and I'm so used to flirting around. Just tone it down. Hugs, and simple compliments like "You look good today!" stuff like that. But save all the sweet, saucy stuff for your BF.
bryan wooldridge Profile
YES!  Why would it be ok? Flirting with other people while with someone else is cheating. Alot of people these days think its ok and will tell people its not bad but it is and the people who think they can flirt while dating someone will Never Know Love.
Angela Rocheta Profile
Angela Rocheta answered
It is wrong to flirt with other guys while your already going out with someone. If he finds out or catchs you flirting with other guys, it'll cause him to be jelouse. He trusts you to be faitful to him, do you want to break it?

If you continue on flirting with other guys, then there is no point in staying in a serious relationship.
cheyenne cordova Profile
Depends if your boyfriend is flirting with other girls then no go ahead but if he's being loyal it would be wrong
reubeanne locquiao Profile
Why would someone flirt with someone elsee when they already have a boyfriend ... Arent they contented with the guy they already have?
Forest Lone Profile
Forest Lone answered
If you dated one time, you are not committed. People date all the time. But if you accepted the "boyfriend-girlfriend" scenerio, then you pretty much committed yourself to a "relationship". You want to date others, you must release your boyfriend also the freedom. Break the "boyfriend-girlfriend" scenerio.
Mel Chapman Profile
Mel Chapman answered
It depends cause if he is ignoring you he will feel jelous and therefore want to spend more time with you but on the other hand this could backfire and end the relationship also the boy you might have been flirting with would probs ask you out!

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