Do You Think Parents To Be Should Take Parenting Classes?


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I think maybe they should just for a little helping hand , you never know , parents these days do often struggle with kids , so it might be ideal for parents to try out these classes and to see if it benefits them because in my opinion parents don't know a first thing about kids , they think they do but they later learn that they don't , not all parents of course , but if parents struggle with their infants they should go to the classes to prevent it happening when their kids are teens cus they are the worse years and trust me , i know , afterall i am 15...good question tho! 8)
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It is unfortunate but children do not come with an instruction booklet.  When I had my children there was no such thing as a parenting class.  Lucky for me (and my first born),  I had relatives close by that gave me little hints along the way such as the proper way to hold an infant when giving it a bath or how to help one with the colic etc.  Today, many new parents live far away from their parents or grandparents and don't have that same back-up support.  For them,  the parenting class can be a life-saver in more ways than one.  BTW, one thing I hope they teach is infant CPR (if they don't, they certainly should)!!  I think if more parents knew how to sooth a crying and/or sick child it would cut down on the rate of babies being shaken and abused by a parent or caretaker who was out of their mind with the responsibility of caring for a difficult child.  I think parenting classes are a good thing.
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Jack Mahon
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I was always disappointed my Mother never had children. My father always said I was found in a cabbage patch. I was never referred to as a child but a precocious and obnoxious thorn in their sides.
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Jackyll, You must be the one that Dennis the Menace is copied/created from.
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A lot of young adults today are not exposed to care and feeding of babies as they're growing up. Some assistance with those aspects of parenting can be useful. Perhaps as important is attention to the emotional aspects of family life and child care.

Before we had kids, my wife and I were fortunate to have gotten some training and counseling with regard to our own relationship and the emotional baggage we each brought to it. We were much better prepared to separate issues of our past from those in the present. "Because your mother ('s mother's mother) said so" was rarely heard in our house as a result. We were also able to identify where we needed to work things out before we could give the children good guidance.

These lessons should not be learned "on the job." By the time the child is 6 or 7, the emotional tone has been set for their life. Sometimes the parents "get it" by then, but often they don't.
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It's a good idea, but not one to be forced upon anybody.
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For this generation parents, it's necessary for older generation it is not necessary. For me it is not at all required loll.
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G'day Shujing,

Thank you for your question.

Ir they want to. I see no reason for it to be compulsory.

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I have always believed that basic parenting skills should be introduced into the education curriculum.if this was done then in some cases parents would learn from their children when helping them with their homework.
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Yes, but the ultimate judge of just how well the parents did is "THE SCHOOL BUS DRIVER." They see the child as no one else does. I've been involved, I know.
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I had a school bus driver tell me he could easily see the difference between a child that was "raised" and one that was "yanked up."
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Yes, I believe parenting classes should be mandatory for every parent. I was lucky enough to receive classes from the hospital where my son was born. We attended classes weekly for about three months.
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And exactly who is going to determine what is good parenting? This is going to be some kind of nightmarish politically correct indoctrination class, nothing to do with actual parenting.
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Mr. M: Obviously you have never taken one.
Jack Mahon
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Giving birth merely makes you a bearer of a biological offspring. Being a Mother requires Love, visceral knowledge, conscientious learning and an assembly of authenticated skills.
Stewart Pinkerton
Fair comment on the child CPR, Nanat, for the rest we have grandparents. Goodness, how did we ever survive the past couple of million years without properly qualified and certified parents?

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