Do you think it's ok for teens to become parents as long they can be mature and handle it well?


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Darling Divaa answered

I'm going to say no. I know people in their 30's and 40's who aren't mature enough to have children but they do. You have to look at the whole picture. Once you have a child, it's for life. It takes more than just maturity and being able to handle it well.  It takes responsibility, commitment, patience and understanding, just to name a few.

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No. No matter how mature a teen is, they just don't have enough life experience to be making some of the decisions they need to make as a parent. They also can't possibly be making enough money to support themselves and a child.

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No, I think thats too young, they need to finish school, get a job, and save money. Get married.

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As your child I deserve you to be there responsibly 24/7 for 18 years or leave me for short period with a very responsible person or when I become more responsible for short periods of time with the ability to contact you if needed. 

I expect meals when I 'm hungry, not when you feel like it, warmth in my home not just if you can afford it, a bed, with covers not the floor with a towel and a pillow when I'm old enough to need one. I expect you to be there to soothe, when I'm sick take me to the doctor or hospital anytime I need it and follow all medical advice. I expect you to keep my environment safe from uncleanliness, bad influences of other people that might cause me emotional or personal harm, and keeping any unsafe objects away from me. I expect you to correct me and love me in a healthy way and not to burden me with your problems. I expect you to be happy with me when I'm cranky, but when you are, that you don't take it out on me through emotional abuse. 

I expect that you create all the time within reason, that you have for me and my welfare. You can work, but only when I am in the care of a safe professional person. You cannot go out all the time and leave me alone with someone else but you will have to plan activities we could both enjoy. You will need to give up most of your social life unless I am included and I'm safe from harm when we are with others physically, mentally and emotionally. I have HIGH expectations 24/7 for several years where I demand you constantly until I am at least 4, so don't make too many plans until then. 

If you can give me all these things I deserve, don't use birth control, if not, spare me !!!!!

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