How do I talk to my crush who's an introvert? I'm an introvert as well and although you would think that could help it be less awkward, with her it just makes things more awkward between us. What can I do?


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This is kind of a little tangent, but I'd say if you are feeling awkward and are also worried about making her feel uncomfortable too, then try and spend some time learning how to look calm on the exterior (by manipulating your brain into think about certain themes etc).

For example, perceived "awkwardness" is usually just the result of facial expressions and body language that betrays what you're thinking in your head.

The first step is to become conscious of that.

The second is to learn how to control what you think about. If you're thinking positive, warm, confident and open thoughts: Your body will reflect this through your demeanour.

I know it's 40+ minutes long, but if you have the time I would seriously recommend checking this out:

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Are you old enough to drink? Alcohol usually lessens the awkwardness of a situation...

If that's not an option, there are a couple of things you can still do:

Find something you're both really passionate about and spend some time with her discussing it. For example, if you're both into a band - then you could open up a conversation about them. You'll have enough thoughts/opinions on the band to know what to say, and she will too.. So it's unlikely that there will be too many awkward silences.

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Heyy , tell me about it im not exactly an introvert or
extrovert, but I used to be more confident alone then with new people. 

takes time to become more social with different and new people , and it may be
at first ‘awkward’ when talking to someone who you like and the fact, she
might not exactly be talkative at first. 

I think you should decide to take it
slow, say a quick hi or hey to her if you see her, or walk past, if you’re in
the same class for anything maybe say hi and fancy I see u here? And eg. Do you
like the subject blah blah, if she talks seem interested and casual and don’t give
too much tension by looking down most of the time, or looking nervous , smile
and that will let her know you're happy to
talk to her.

If she seems nervous and doesn't know how to answer try talking
about something else or asking her something not too personal maybe like so
what kind of things do you like?  

Talk a little about yourself so she doesn’t feel
like you’re asking too many questions about her . Its hard to show not being nervous
but one way is to think that you’re confident and that if it doesn’t work out
its only the beginning , maybe if she's with friends you can come over with some
friends or by yourself and talk to her and her friends so she doesn’t feel too
nervous or shy. 

Good luck :D

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