Should parents take their kids to open houses? (Ages 10+)


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Only if the child is well behaved and will listen to the parents while at the open house.

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SuperFly Original
yeah I dont see whats to ask here! just an open house. Ask the people having the open house if anyone.
Ancient Hippy
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Yep. The last thing sellers want is a bunch of ankle biters running around their house.
Retiredkop Retiredkop
Depends, on if they are going for. If it is ene we was, new home record in mind, no problem. If I were seriously looking, then not s much!
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It would depend on the individuals .. You would be a guest in someone else's home, so children would have to be on their best behaviour, and you would need to be able to concentrate on the many details of the house .. If in fact you are a serious buyer.

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If the child is behaved, does it really matter? Maybe they should laeve their dogs behind.

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No. They should just stay home with a babysitter if the parents are worried that their kid will be running around the school when they are supposed to behave themselves!

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