Is it wrong for parents to track their kid's locations?


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Matt Radiance answered

Depends what tracking you pointing out!

Tracking: Using tracking devices and created to locate on child's phones and stuff like that . . .

Tracking: Communication and simply calling by phone and make sure children having phones ect . .

I'd vote for the second one.

if you track so tightly and overeat, maybe you trying to protect your child but you impressing your child negatively through insecurity, lack of personal space, distrust , and usually makes the child to try harder to runaway from parents, home  and the child finds the need to sneak more and finds better and more strong ways of sneaking, hiding, force to lie and skip more through.

(However, not all gonna be like that but high percent that would happen)

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Maurice Korvo answered

To me its an ethics question.  Like do you read your daughters diary while she is not at home.. Just to check up on things.

Personally, I would not as I always trusted my kids to tell us where they were going and what was going on.

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Yes. That is violation of your child's right

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Not nowadays with all the strange things going on out there ! Wasn't so bad when I was a kid but the world has gotten so brutal. If I had young kids now, I would want to know where they were all the time !

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We raised our children to believe that we would respect their privacy unless they gave us a reason to question their word. It did happen to both children only once. I ended up tossing their rooms the first time that either got into serious trouble. I would have never had to do that if they had not lied to me. They lied, all bets were off. I was so far up their rear ends that when they opened their mouths they could see me waving from the back of their throat. They had to earn my trust again. I trusted them with where they were going and who they were with until they gave me reason not to.

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PJ Stein answered

I think the ability to track your child should be in place, such as a phone tracker, but I don't think it should be used unless needed. By needed I mean your child doesn't show up where they were suppose to be, when they were suppose to be there. Also if they have broken the parents trust and have started making bad decisions and hanging with the wrong people.

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