Should there be mandatory parenting classes, say 6 months to a year, before you're allowed to become parents?


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otis campbell answered

People have kids and do not realize the cost or they want to suck money from the government for having kids

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Probably should be but I doubt whether most would bother to attend. It was a learn on the job experience for me as I'm sure it was for most here. How would they determine who would teach it ?

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Matt Radiance answered

It's a huge topic! Some things can be learnt and some not! Rooster has a great point here! Who can determine the teacher ? Maybe someone has an ideology for raising children and the teacher's perspective is completely against that! So it won't work that way!

However, as far as i know (inside the U.S) there's companies, groups and communities who helps the parents through, it's not like teaching but therapy and a community to share experiences and feelings, whether someone who runs the classes or each members all has the right to share their views and talk through different things to help each other to prepare and be aware of more perspectives that they were unaware of before! In particular it's for teens and new parents.

It can't be mandatory! The most important thing, U.S society has problem with "Mandatory" we raised by freedom of choice, these topics can't be forcefully. My view is that parenting is an experience that you learn more of it by time, you can educate yourself more by some ways but yet you need to face up and learn how to be a parent when it comes to it. No one can't teach you that!

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Don Barzini answered

An actual course in parenthood, preferably given by actual parents, could be a wondrous addition to high school curriculum. One wonders at the potential birth control resulting from such knowledge. Why then, do we insist on teaching such useless fluff as Algebra or the Missouri Compromise of 1832, instead of truly beneficial adult knowledge, like balancing a checkbook or personal nutrition.

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Cookie Roma answered

Who will create these classes and who decides what good parenting is?  I mean bad parenting is often obvious but there doesn't seem to be one path to good parenting.

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Barb Cala answered

People can't always predict when they'll have children.  And taking a class isn't going to necessarily make good parents.  You can teach people facts and figures about parenting .. But you can't force people to truly learn to love and support their children emotionally and financially.  That's something you have to be mature enough to be able to handle.  I just wouldn't like the thought of having to get approval to be a parent .. Because my husband and I were smart enough not to have children until we were ready to be good ones. 

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