Should 14 Year Olds Be Allowed To Date?


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I think so, because that's the year 14 year old's go to high school. That transition from middle school to high school is such a big thing in life, so I think since you get more mature, and wiser that you should have more privileges. But if you aren't responsible and mature, then you shouldn't be allowed to.
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    That is a decision best left between you and your parents. Personally I think maturity has more of a say in what freedoms and responsibilities a child is allowed. I've heard stories about much younger kids of both sexes doing a whole lot more than dating. I don't know if that is a small town thing or just a generation thing but this is why I say you should talk to your parents if you feel you are mature enough. If nothing else it will show them that you are mature enough to talk about this with them and at least hear each others reasons whether you agree or not. No tantrums or any of that business just a plain face to face talk.
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Yes, of course! You should be mature enough to have a boyfriend or girlfriend and to handle break-ups and things like that. But, maybe you should talk to your parents about what they think. I asked my parents last year when I was 11 and they think it would be good for me. Now I'm 12. I didnt want to date because I wasn't comfortable yet. Wait and see if it's the right time for you. If it is, go for it!
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Age doesn't matter if you're in love :)
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I think they should. I started to date at age 14 and I've been with the same boyfriend since then. We've been together for 3 years 3 months.
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I think its okay to date at 14, But I would really focus on making it a "serious" relationship, because you are still young and have to many things to deal with, you also have your whole life ahead of you. Dont make dating the main part of your life and dont let it stress you out. But I think its okay to date at 14, if you do it the right way.
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They should be aloud to date.
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I was a 14-year-old once. And yeah 14-year-olds should be allowed to date. I've never dated anyone when I was 14. I was too nervous that people would tease me.

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Yes 14 year old should be allowed to date I'm 14 and have been dating for years
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There is no problem for 14 yrs old to date. But the condition is that they should be mature enough to know what they want
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Oh yeah... Totally, i think 14 is the age, 13 may be too young for some but i think 14 is fine
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Age 14 is okay to date. Like I told my kids, dating in groups at younger ages is best. Everyone is out for a good time with their friends. Peace
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Depends on your parents...and you yourself! If you can handle it then go for it otherwise like i always say life is long...enjoy it!
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Yes. But just saying age doesn't matter if your in deep love. But 14 is around the right age as then you only hve two years to wait before you can have sex.
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In my house, my daughters know not to waste their time asking until their 16.  Then it depends on their level of maturity.  What kind of person would allow their 13 or 14 year old daughter leave the house with a 16 year old wad of hormones?  I was once a 16 year old kid and I remember very well what was on my mind from the time I woke up until I woke up again.  :)  I told my kids I'll chaperon a date or the kid can go to church with us, but that's it.

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