I Am On Income Support And Im Un Sure Who The Father Is,how Do I Go About Getting A Free Dna Test When The Baby Is Born?


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Kristiw is right, but I think you are asking because you want to know now!! (Can't say as I blame you! I'd want to know , too!! ) How about asking the potential dad or dads to split it with you? So everyone will have it settled in their minds! If you only want to know yourself, there maybe something though your local hospitalor Social Services (usually they are yellow flyers saying DNA on the front. If you are on any SSI or Soc Sec. The same office should be able to help you ). They may wait until the baby is born , though. So if it is really urgent you can ask friends or family, if they would contribute a little towards helping you. First try the others... Good Luck!!
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If you try to get child support or your child through child support enforcement and there is a question of paternity, the guy can request a DNA test and if the child is his, he is responsible for paying for the test, but if it is not is and you are receiving state assistance, the bill is their responsibility.
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How do you people rate an answer? You asked a question and I told you how to get what you wanted for free......I guess you do not want the guys to know you are not sure who the father is.....if that bothers you, maybe you should take a hard look at the way you live and your situation, the truth hurts

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