Were Do I Go For A DNA Test And If I Am Unemployed Will I Get Help With The Payment?


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In the United Kingdom, a DNA paternity test is not covered by the National Health Service (NHS). This means that even if it is court-directed, specifically that a DNA test has been ordered as evidence in a case by a court, you will still have to pay for it, unless you are receiving government help with your legal fees. According to the NHS, if a test is requested by the Child Support Agency (CSA) in order to determine child maintenance fees, you will be provided with a list of local doctors who will be able to take a sample. The mother, the male in question and the child will all have to be tested for a definitive result, and the CSA may employ a company to carry out the test for them. In this case, the fee will be £281.05 for a full test on two adults and the child. Private companies will also offer prenatal paternity testing, but it’s considered to pose some risk to the child, and the male is able to legally refuse the option. Many companies also offer so called ‘at-home’ DNA testing kits, which claim to return results within around these days. These can range in price from £30 to over £100, but the results of such tests, not administered by health professionals, are not admissible in court as evidence for paternity cases. In the United States you are also required to pay for your DNA tests. For postnatal testing, various American Association Of Blood Banks (AABB) accredited centres are in operation that will often return results within two days, and cost between $400-1500. Prenatal testing is, by its nature, more expensive, owing to the associated hospital and medical costs. All accredited centres in the US are listed on the AABB website, located at www.aabb.org
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I have a handsome child and he's be turning 3 years in july 25 and I don't know who is the real father. I want to do a DNA test, but iam unemployed what can I do, for the sake of my son
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Can I get help with a dna test if I'm on benefits''and where do I go for this test if I can get help?
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My name is robert wesson am 40 years old my ex just gave birth to my wee boy and now she is telling me he's not mine this I know is not true as she was with me all the time she has post Natal depression can I get help for a dna test
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In order to prove paternity, you will need to go through the courts to get the paternity established, they may have a reduced fee or sliding scale fee for people based on their income. Call your Clerk of Courts and ask them what you need to do.
We had DNA done privately in 2002, and it cost $600.00 (now $475.00), from DNA Diagnostic. They said that the chain of custody they followed would make the results hold up in court. But our judge refused to accept the results and continues to make a man that is not the biological father pay child support because he signed the birth certificate and acted as the father for 2 years. I'm the foster grandmother and it just doesn't make sense to me. But I prefer the non-biological father even though I believe the child has a right to know his parents. It really is a sensitive subject in our family.
Good luck finding out.

DNA Diagnostic Centers www.dnacenter.com
There is a great wealth of information at this website about the testing options and what you need to do. You can call them for more assistance.
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I just found out that my dad might not be my dad I'm 24 year old and on benefits I would like to know whether I can get a dna test done and get help with paying for it?
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I am  5 weeks pregnant and my ex fiance thinks its his kid how do I go about a DNA test
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I had a beautiful little gurl and I no who here real dad is but I want a dna test to clear things up but I have a big problem I have no money and another person put his name on her birth certificate and now I want out
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You can take a DNA test at home. You need a DNA kit to take the test. You can order a free kit from the Internet. I am giving you the website where you can order the kit. Click here

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