Does it not hurt your heart when somebody breaks up with you?


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crow robot answered

Yes it does

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Matt Radiance answered

Yes it does. But you need to be happy cause you found out that person is not your the one. It is not worth being sad because of someone who doesn't care about your emotions.  

That person didn't deserved you. So live your life happy as you are more complete without them & their poison in your life. Your the one someday will arrive & will heal your broken heart.

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Your head hurting is depression. Other places hurt too. Illness is common.

ill = I lack love.

So pick yourself up and find a new someone to love when you are ready. Its good for your health. :)

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Breakups or when someone dies it hurts worse

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Megan goodgirl answered

I'm sure it does.

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what do you think PLG?it wouldnt?

well if you truly are in love then it would , otherwise,moving on not that hard.

well tbh,it did to me.

seems someone just broke up with you,wanna talk about it? ;)

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