What Does It Feel When You Break Up With Someone?


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Carolyn Jones answered
If you break up with someone you don't really have any feelings for any more then it probably doesn't feel to bad. In fact I think you'll find its a bit of a relief because its releasing you both from an inconvenient contract!

If you break up with someone that you really care for or really love, it is very hard to explain. There are so many emotions. Of sadness, anger, loss, confusion. You may beg, plead or reason for it not to be. You might even demand.

You'll surprise yourself by how strong you can be on the outside but how broken you feel on the inside. You may cry so hard that your sick. You may not cry at all. You may just be numb. Quite a lot of people say that they cannot eat. Your body's reaction can be huge. You may not sleep for days and have nightmares when you do.

It sounds horrible and it is. But when it passes, and it will, you will be absolutely fine. And stronger for the experience.
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Selome Dontknow answered
It depends on what actual sort of relationship you and your partner had. You wouldn't really feel bad if you didn't love that person. You might feel depressed if you really loved that person.

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