I don't know how to be a friend? During my holiday, i literally didn't chat with anybody except my best friend. It's like i don't know what i'm suppose to do in my life? Holiday is ending for me soon..I think im socially awkward. What should i do on my first day of sch?


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Yin And Yang answered

Focus ON school! Why involve yourself in school drama? If you are not social and you know it, why force it for now? If you focus on your studies chances are you will find a subject that intrigues you (such as math, science, mechanics, computers, art, music, etc.) And you will end up relating to like minded people.... Curing your "social awkwardness."

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Perry Nuttal answered

There will be plenty of people at school who will talk to you, once other's start doing this you're learn about their interests and if you have anything in common. The one thing school does is have is different topics of interest and usually you'll gravitate towards those who like the same topics i.e some love English literature some love science,  some sports, and some smoking, and cursing.

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