Can You Have Sex If You Didn;t Have Your Period Yet?


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Yes but...
it would be very very very very painful... This is because your body is not ready yet to accept anything penetrating into your body,
from your PRIVATE the part of your body..
if you haven't have period yet that means, your sexual organ has not fully develop to carry on the purpose it is made for (continue the family and to the secret pleasure shared by you and your husband, or now days bf's/fiancee)

try not to do it is not a very good idea... It is asking for trouble it may end up in complication..... And there are some cases that the girl died in pain (even though it is usually rape case, obviously girl who haven't have their periods, can't produce certain hormones that drive them in the mood, and lessen the muscles in their vagina or servic to be specific )
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If you are a little girl that has not started her period yet you need to talk to a health care provider or a friend or your parents. It is not unatural for a girl to be 15 or 16 before you start your period. Now if you are an adult and have a boyfriend or husband or what ever. I would go speak with a Dr. There are ways to advance you growth and your period, certain hormones can help. I totally agree with the answer above, except if you are too young to have started you need to talk to someone that can explain more to you about why you have not started and the dangers in sex before your body is ready
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Yes and the good thing if you don't want to get pregnant is that you will not get pregnant
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Whats wrong with me?I didnt have my period for a year NOW? It was normal since I was 12 bt just last year it didnt come? What is the problem? Help??
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Well my boyfriend wants me to have sex with him to But I havnt had my period,, But I love him so much and I'm afraid to lose him and I'm scared thaat if I don't he will probably finish me,, If pain is what is going to keep us together let it be, Weell  you can have sex but your fagina hole isn't exactly stretched proply soo it spends on the size of the penis :D
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See how far it can go and if it doesnt hurt to much, he should keep on goin!! And he doesnt even ned a condom because nothinwould happen if he had da "stuff" come out!!!

I think it has lots of benfits,,,,
well, if it doesnt hurt that is....

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