Should A 14 Year Old Boy Have Sex Using A Condom?


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Ree Ree answered
No a 14 years old boy should not even be having sex...But if you do yes always use a condom!!!!
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Janet Simmons answered
A 14 year old boy should NOT be having sex period!!  You are not even old enough to legally have a job, you are totally supported by your parents/guardian.  You, just plain and simple, are not old enough to understand what the true meaning and true purpose of sex really is.  Yes, I am old fashioned, sex is something that should be saved for the person that you intend to marry and spend the rest of your life with.  The act of sex bonds you in a spiritual way to each other.    But, if the girl you have sex with shows up pregnant, don't get angry with takes two to tango and she couldn't have gotten pregnant without your pun intended!  Condoms are NOT 100% protective, nor is birth control pills, or any other form of birth control....other than abstinence.  Good Luck in whatever you decided to do.
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A 14 yr old boy should not be having sex. Although you will not be able to stop this from the sound of things A person should always use a condom unless it is intention to conceive
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No way! You can't be having sex when your 14 I don't even think its legal in Canada. I'm 14 and I don't even feel like I'm close to being old enough for that stuff... Just get a gf and make out with her or somthing aint that enough for people our age? Well it is for me.
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Well you should have sex your only fourteen you have your entire life for that but if you choose at least be safe but condoms are not 100 % so just think about what your getting into before you do
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Olivia Harrison answered
Yes definately, if he can ejaculate the female can get pregnant, or if he has a std or sti it increases the risk of the female getting it.
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You 14..can't you are juz a kid yet..n you want to have sex...get on with your school work..
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Julee Williams answered
A 14 year old boy should not be having sex but if you are, yes you should use condom because you are still a child and I know you are not ready for the consequence of not using a condom like having a baby or catching a STD. It would be best if you wait until you are older or married. If you not going to wait be careful and use protection.
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A lot of people ^ don't think that a 14 year old should be having sex, but let's face it teenagers are having sex and if they are then yes they should be wearing a condom and have some type of birth control. They just need to know what they are getting into before they do it.
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ALWAYS ALWAYS USE A CONDOM!!!!!! And the female evolved could go on the pill (this would dramatically decrease pregnancy) 
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No because sometimes. Condoms can break and some girls your age are not on birthcontrol and you could get disease SO WAIT!
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Absolutely! I dated a guy who got a girl pregnant at 14! We were in our 20's & she was in her teens! It was his first time having sex & she was 18!
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Go for it I'm 13 and I do so whats the harm in you doing it,, just make sure you use a condom, if my bf didnt nd I got pregnant id be so devastated
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You shouldn't be having sex anyway at your age. But if you do YES, YES, YES, YES, YES! USE A CONDOM!
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Yes make shore he has a condom.....You don't want to be suck with a kid....Just tell him to wear one ok:)
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Ok if you lov her I know how it feels to be pregnet cause I'm 14 and my bf got me pregnet when I was 13 and we used a condom
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Use a condom.... If your living in the east and your parents approve of you having sex and your partner is 100% free of STDs then go ahead ride with skin.

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