How To Do Muscle Control When Having Sex?


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The muscle control you are referring to is known as 'kegel exercises'. This process uses the pelvic muscles, which in turn improves the control of the bladder as well as improving the sensation during sexual intercourse.

Pleasure during intercourse
  • You can do these exercises during sex as it will increase the pleasure of the act. By doing this, the pelvic muscles will contract stronger which will eventually lead to better and more intense orgasms. In order to do this correctly, you should squeeze and release your pelvic muscles during intercourse to increase your pleasure.
The muscles
  • In the majority of cases, after giving birth or going through the menopause, the pelvic muscles, one of which is known as the pubococcygeus, can become stretched and loosen. This will ultimately result in a small loss of bladder control during activities such as laughing or coughing.
How to do kegel exercises
  • You may find it difficult to start doing these because these particular muscles cannot be easily identified due to their remote location, so you may not be sure if you are contracting and releasing properly. The best way to practise is when you go to urinate. In this case you should contract the muscles by stopping the flow of urine and then releasing. They are the kegel exercises and once you have identified them you can do them at any time, however, do not confuse these with buttock clenches.
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I am no expert on this but if a man does it you will last longer during sex and when a woman does it makes her seem tighter.
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Practicing specific exercises that improve ejaculatory control. Kegel, for example, is one of the best known exercises that help to strengthen the PC muscles in your pelvis region. Once these "love muscles" are strengthened, you can stop an approaching ending either by contracting these muscles or simply keeping them relaxed.

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Depends on your blood flow?

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