Should I be worried? My daughter wrote a song about suicide and I'm kinda worried. Should I be?


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Talk to her about it, she may be reaching out for help. I know from personal experience. Check online for the warning signs, they may be subtle to you but to your daughter, they mean everything.

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Thank you Serenity.
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Yes.....And if you suspect that your teen is thinking about ending it all, ask him or her about it.....The notion that a teen will be encouraged to commit suicide simply by talking about it is false. Each way to suicide is its own; intensely private, unknowable, and terrible......"Suicide is a serious public health problem. A number of factors could be involved. For one thing, we live in "critical times hard to deal with", and many adolescents feel the pressures of life with great intensity.

No one is immune to adversity. The Bible says that "all creation keeps on groaning together and being in pain together". That incldes young people. In fact, youth can be profoundly affected by negative events, such as the following:
1) Death of a relative, friend or pet,
2) Family conflice
3) Academic failure
4) The breakup of a romance
5) Mistreatment (including physical or sexual abuse)

Sooner or later virtually all youths encounter one or more of the situations listed above. Yes, by all means please talk to your daughter.
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Yes, absolutely be worried. It's therapeutic for people to put their feelings on paper, poems, songs. Please sit your daughter down and calmly give her a way to relay her feelings to you. If you're wrong, and she's just writing a song great, but if your instinct is right, you've given your daughter life....again.

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Not worried but you should ask her why she write this type of song

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I think about suicide, a lot. People aren't always open with how they are feeling, especially with a topic like that. You should talk to her but from experience, I think you should do it in a way that won't pressure her into telling you, if your instinct is right.

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Thank you.. And yes, I've been talking to friends and family about how I've been feeling.. And those in similar situations.
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Thank you... :) you have amazing advice. I'm the type to suppress stuff, lock it away, forget whatever because I don't like the feeling I get when talking to loved ones. I see your point with talking to a professional :) it is their job and because they've been with many others and they have experience, they'll know how to help me. I'll take your advice to heart, I'll try to talk to someone..
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In addition to writing a letter is she showing signs of depression such as: (1) Withdrawal from family and friends. (2) A change in eating and sleeping patterns. (3) A loss of interest in activities that were once pleasurable. (4) A marked change in her personality. (5) Drug or alcohol abuse (6) Giving away prized possessions. (6) Talking about death or being preoccupied with subjects related to it. 

One of the greatest mistakes a parent can make is to ignore such warning signs. Take all threats seriously! Do not hastily conclude that your child is simply going through a phase. Many youths are relieved when parents bring up the subject. So if she admits to having thoughts of suicide, find out if a plan has been devised, and if so, how detailed it is. The more detailed the plan, the more urgently you need to intervene.

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If she's a teenager .! No need to be worried .!Teenager do a lot of stupid things and they don't mean ..!

But if she's not "YES>>! You "must talk to her " she has thought of that .! And has written things about it..!

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mohammad mahmoudi
Yes your'e right .! but teenagers do a lot of stupid things that they say that tomorrow "What did it do that yesterday ?"
the're not Stable .some day they say Yes ,some days No .!
I am a teen also (probably i am 19 in two month )!
i don't like to be a teen agian either haha !!
mohammad mahmoudi
Thank ya so much ..! yeah you're correct .!
some times i say wish i never was a teenager .! they wanna show cool things too by the way .! i think i am no longer a teen (Thank God )! ha ha ! .i hope she says it was for a project or something ..!
We don't have to forget this also :Teens need Attention "
probably it was for having attention .! I am not sure..!
mohammad mahmoudi
well yeah .! i am an adult .! i am a young man !
thanks yeah i think she wants to show her that ..! for attention .!
i had too much of concern about myself but it's good they're gone.
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maybe make her as happy as possible. Sso ask her to do things that she likes. Also talk about it and maybe ask her to talk about it with her friends.

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Anonymous...most definitely be concerned!  Suicide has been called "a permanent solution to a temporary problem".  As hard as it may be to believe, a distressing circumstance - even one that seems beyond her control - may well be temporary. In fact, it can change for the better unexpectedly.  Even if that does not appen, it is best that to encourage her to tackle the problem one day at a tme.  "Never be anxious about the next day, Jesus said, "for the next day will have its own anxieties.  Each day has enough of its own troubles." 

Remember This:  You cannot scale a mountain in a single step; however, you can take on the challenge one step at a time. The same is true of most obstacles you face, no matter how mountainlike they might seem to be.

WHAT CAN YOU DO;  Encourage her to talk to someone - perhaps a friend or family member-about her problem or situation.  That person may be able to help you view your situation in a more balanced way.

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