How do I make friends? I don't think my "friends" like me...


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Chia Szepin answered

you have to find out why they didn't like you.

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angie zhang answered

making friends may seem like a really easy process but finding ' Real' friends is a hard one , sometimes its due to maybe them being your first friends and you don't really try to make new friends until you realise maybe the friends you have aren't real friends , first thing is that if you can't be yourself , and when you do they dislike you ,its best to make new friends and not be with these fake friends , you also need to be yourself , because really if you aren't , your friends may not like your fake self anyways and want to see your real side , be inviting and smile , try to make conversation with new people and maybe ask to hang out sometimes , new friends can be made by being yourself , you  may be shy at first but when you get to know him/her or them and when they get to know you , you will soon become friends then close ones .good luck :D

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