in high school for lunch i hang with 3 crews, i made 2 recently who are girls,and 1 who are only boys, is it ok that i hang with the new ones first then finish lunch time with the boy with just tooooo many friends?


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Try to get them to all sir together by introducing each other, and making them friends.  Or, alternatively, if that doesn't work, you could sit with one group one day, and the other the next.

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Tris Fray Potter
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Why? Is it one of those American clique things? If you can't get them all to sit together, why can't you sit with one group one day, and the other the next? It worked for my friends, and then we eventually (after about 6 or 7 months) just sort of merged into one big group.
Evan Zamora
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they are not americans but me, plus a girl from the girl crew has broken up with one in my boy crew, they're done.and i know very well my friends they wouldn't want to be with other random girls for lunch. i think its best if i part time with them, 15 mins with each, cause i also cannot be with just one group for one day, I'm opened i wanna meet new people
Tris Fray Potter
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Sorry, I just assumed that you were all American, or lived in America (the majority of people on here are). Believe me, 15 minutes a day isn't that long with your friends. I doubt that they mind if you sat with them every other day because you have friends in other groups. But, it's up to you. I understand that my way mightn't work for you, but it does for us.

I don't mean to be a 'grammar Nazi,' as I write the same way to my friends, but it doesn't take much effort to press the 'Shift' key or type the 'because' instead of ''cause.'

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