Why is my friend mad at me for not hanging out with her for just one day? I need time for myself, you know?


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You do need time for yourself.you're normal.she sounds like she's a person who never wants to be alone.she shouldn't be mad at you for that.is she a possessive person?don't feel bad.tell her you need time for yourself once in awhile.ask why she's mad.this isn't your fault at all.it's her fault for being too bossy or domineering.i had a " friend " like that.i got rid of her.
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Maxine Chan
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So are you saying I should not be friends with her anymore?
No.i'm just saying that your friend shouldn't be mad at you.she should've had more respect for you,and your decision.i can't tolerate someone like that.being mad at you for something so petty.
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Uh yeah.. Me and my friend abby, she will be mad if i dont hang with her for 1 DAY... Idk some ppl are like that i guess.. Give her time she should get over it if shes normal..  And other then that just tell her u need TIME TO YOURSELF meh hope all goes well good luck
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I'm in the same boat right now Maxine. If I were you I would try and talk to her face to face. Explain what you wanted (time alone) and anything else. If she's a true friend, she'll understand.
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Max don't be upset , you are in a kind of situation and i know very well how it feels , make

yourself useful in one way or another , never let depression creep into your mind
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You need to tell her dont be mad at me i need my space to thinking and have time to myself without worrying about anything thats what i tell my friends sometimes

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