I have a mother that is in and out of my life and won't put any effort into the relationship. I don't wanna lose her but at the same time I just wanna give up and let her decide one day when she wants me in her life for good is that bad?


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No but let her make her own choise she is your mother she wont leave you but if she does she will be back because she will regret it

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Well usually it's her going back to alcohol and drugs and won't talk to me and won't want to talk to me for a while and usually she waits for a few months to talk to me
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There are alot of people struggling with their mothers usually just live with your dad and later your mom will come and ask forgiveness
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Hi. Ever since I was 7, I've been going through the same thing. It makes me so sad to see her go. But she is your mom, and she will always come back. If It hurts too much, you should tell her to back away. You should surround yourself with friends. But remember: You will get many friends in your life, but only one Mum. Its OK to love her, and it's also OK to be mad.

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