Do People Take Themselves Too Seriously?


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The particular view can not be justified so easily because mental approaches vary from person to person, it is, therefore, difficult to characterize or co-relate people's varying mental approaches categorically into one or another similar form.

On the other hand the particular view can also be conditioning relatively to the circumstances, momentary changing states of mind, variation between the nature of people.

Individual attributes can also be countable supporting to the particular view; prejudicial, callous, selfish, egoistic and self-conscious people can be too serious about themselves.

Sensitive people are more introspective comparatively to the average people. As they have penetrating vision into other aspects of life; likewise they can have profound and observational eye on what they insidiously and in fact are.

But there are also people who visualize everything in life even themselves too from a broad and enlightened mental callibre. They do not take anything or themselves too seriously even when there is something serious about them.

Generally it is believed that one should have the visionary capability to acknowledge one's negative as well as positive characteristics: that average people have but the view that people take themselves too seriously is contradiction and can not be ultimately justified because some people do and some do not.
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Yes you need to take your life seriously. Because that makes you feel sense of responsibility on your things / people, to do and deciding about your future. Or you would be laughed at
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Hmmmm well if I take this question seriously, will that make me too serious of a person? I think this is a question that no matter how many times you ask it or to how many people you ask it, you will always have a debate on your hands.
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I find the boring and people who have it too easy are too serious maybe because ease, pride and getting their way most of the time, does not give way to humility. A humble person knows how to laugh at one's own lack of and is willing to learn and grow, therefore smiling and an easy going attitude is present with that person, contrary to a selfish, I want my own way attitude who cannot smile or be less serious because getting their own way and having a sense of being filled up to the brim keeps them from the insecurity they so fear and know is present. Selfishness is earthly sensual and demonic and unyielding and not filled with good fruits or mercy.
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Some people do and some people don't
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Everyone is different. Some people do take themselves too seriously because they are serious minded. Others don't because they are easy going.

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