How do you deal with people who talk too much about themselves and never ask how you are or what's going on in your life?


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Generally, I used listen to what they say about themselves. And think that they are poor fellows who don’t have the time for others and only want to prove themselves to others while talking to much.

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I agree with Hippy ! Once I've talked to someone like that, I do my best to avoid that person. People like that are never your friend and can't be trusted.

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It really depends.

-Some people do that because they are so narcissism & selfish & so careless about others. They are like, everything is about me & i'm the important one, why should i even ask about others ? Everyone should ask about me! Anything i do is precious but others ? Just waste of time!

░What i would do with these kind of people is just ignoring them, as much as possible, avoiding them, or if i find it necessary, will try to to learn them some lessons, somehow to make them realize they are in a very wrong path of their lives.

-Some people talk about themselves (in this way) cause there's a psychological condition that impressed them automatically & sometimes it's without their notice, some people want something but they don't have it & they waited for a long time but the details  didn't gone well as they wishes or they had a wish,dream or hope that actually they built their life on it in advance but it failed & torn apart. Now they become into this condition (which also has a medical name that i don't remember right now) they start talking about themselves & they talk about a cycle of simulation of their lives, every single thing they wanted to see it happening but it never did,  for instance, a woman who married & the husband turn out careless & abusive, while you see they start talking about, i have the greatest husband ever, he buys me gifts everyday, he loves me to death , he's so sweet caring & handsome ect . . .& they never ask how's your relation going! Cause they don't care! (automatically) they just want to fill that emptiness in their heart & mind to express what they wanted & never happened. In the worst medical terms the person get into a shock after while & start living into that simulation forever.

░I know it wouldn't be easy to understand these conditions, but if i realize this is what the person is doing, i'd just listen, nothing will be less from me! Just to listen & make the person relief themselves by talking about it. & i'll try to walk with their stories. It's just sometimes!

-Some people do that because actually they have no one to talk to, maybe pretty huge number of people ignored them or basically they have no one to be comfortable with. They meet someone else & they sound like a recorded tape, they start talking about every single detail in their lives (whether with being comfortable with you or feeling of talking just that, to talk & express their feelings cause human basically desire to talk & share) they wouldn't even realize if you're listening, got tired ? Or hey what's up with your life now? It comes out of mutual communication form, they "automatically" become like "finally i've got someone" or "i've got someone that i'm comfortable with" so they just express themselves as much as they can to just share their stories with someone.

░In this condition when find this out, surely i would listen, listening is always a precious action, if we listen to others, others would listen to us as well & the feeling of being listened is a very fantastic feeling. So i'll do my best to walk with them in the best way possible to make them feel good by sharing words with me.

-Some people do that because they actually had a low esteem, with their life, with their personality, now they've stood & done something, achieved something, they get excited & they like to talk about these achievements to others to let everyone know what they have achieved, also this way helps them to gain more confident & this matter might make them to not even communicate in a mutual way but just they express what they have done one sided!

░What i would do in this condition is just listening  again! I wouldn't break their heart, i'd feel their enthusiasm, i'd listen, praise (to motivate them more) & praise them to move forward & try to make stand stronger.

(Sorry it turned out long! But i felt necessary to share as much as aspect that comes in my mind) however i also didn't mentioned some of it cause it would be too long & boring. But just try to see what condition they're in & what's the behind scene of their self-talking without noticing others. So that way, you can make a better move toward them.

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Not well, that is how I deal with them. I really don't know anyone like that in my social life. I have had to work with people like that. I always just excuse myself and say that I have work to do.

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