Why Are Old People So Mean?


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For the same reason that young people tend to generalize. (ALL of a group are not the same. ALL old people aren't mean. Some are.)
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ALIZE 17 YARBER commented
Yes a majority of old people are mean and to me because im black and their another race they seem to be very rude to me and i see it all the time
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Yarbert, how can you be sure people are "mean to you" because you are black? That may have nothing to do with it. You think old people are mean, you think teachers have snotty and ugly attitudes ... Wow. It may simply be a matter of your perception. You are assuming an awful lot. Maybe talk to people and get to know them better before you think they are snotty or ugly or are mean to you because you are black or young or whatever. You might need an attitude adjustment.
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Well it depends. They could have alzheimers disease, which makes them grumpy, or maybe there husband or wife passed away. They could be losing there hearing, or just be mad because so many ppl think they need to help him. Hope it helped!
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Well said.. If you were a old person, and you never got the respect that you deserve for living a long life. Would you be mad? The younger generation today do not care about manners and respect for elders or adults at all. It's the society they are growing up in verses the society that the older generations grew up in.
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ALIZE 17 YARBER commented
That is so not true i care about people and im sure others do to and i still go to school and most teachers have snotty and ugly attitudes and i see almost every where else so
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My point exactly I just generalized you and you didnt like it...

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