Why Are People So Ignorant?


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Many people lack the desire and motivation to continue learning. Others may hear a legitimate sounding fact, or read one, and are satisfied with that answer, without researching it. Others have not had the opportunity to learn, having to go to work very early in life. Observation can teach us much, but If you are too busy socially, then you may not see how things are. A lot of people are just plain bored by learning new things. Many of them value their own opinions so much, that they substitute them for actual facts. These are generally in the "know it all", category. They back up arguments without much substance because they heard a story someone was telling and 'landed' on that as 'truth'. People who close their mind to the possibilities of different realities, tend to stay ignorant. There are those that just don't care, they are too cool and wouldn't want to be considered a geek. There seem to be many reasons for ignorance, but I do know this, The more one learns, the less he realizes, he knows!
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My experience of the ignorant is that they are in most cases bullies who actively try to cause harm and offence- Due to their own fear and inadequacy- Those are the actively ignorant- the aggressive ones-  Others are unconsciously ignorant and cause offence by lack of tact and presumption that they get to say what 'reality' is within their own narrow terms-  True ignorance cannot be confronted- it is futile and frustrating to try- and that's what's most hurtful about it in my case-    The ignorant (by my experience defined personal definition) are incapable of change, resistant to education or widening of their minds- and have only a low level of consciousness- no capacity for self reflection- they are a different species to those possessing awareness-  and only a person possessing 'awareness' can recognise it
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I've been wondering about this my entire life. I wish everyone who felt like this could somehow get together and start their own country where we could actually do and discuss interesting things instead of having to waste our lives dealing with mass insanity and meaninglessness day in and day out
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Yeah I Totally Agree With That! If You Did Start A Country I Would Happily Join It! Ignorence Is Just Horrible And Rude!
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Ignorant would be the proper term for people that would go off and start their own country rather than deal with people who are not likeminded. When people become arrogant, self serving snobs, they forget all of the people that helped them along the way, those mentors who would be the first to correct such hateful behavior and tell them how rewarding it would be to stretch out a hand in love asking nothing in return, but do the same for others.
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I'm fine with opinions and all, I just don't see how people can be so ignorant to blindly follow something without even giving a thought to anything the other person is saying. I've learned most people in no way whatsoever know how to look at something from someones Else's point of view, they always just look at it through their own and get a very biased answer, but believe it religiously.
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I think a persons ignorance is highly dependent on the social enviornment that they are in. For example, If someone grew up in a household that did not teach the values of learning nor does there friends, family, or immediate surroundings there's a pretty good chance that this person will have a hard time accepting new ideas and/or applying them in their lives. In other words you value the things that those around you value. If logic, reason, continuing education, etc. Are not very popular in your social surroundings, you probably have no idea of your particular ignorances.
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I think some of the people are that way because they were never taught any values in the home. If a person does not learn in childhood, the foundation is set for ignorant behavior. You have groups of people who were taught better, but choose to act out, I think this group doesn't know how to respect themselves first, so they can't respect others. Ignorant has a buddy he often travels with, rudeness. The two go hand in hand.
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I agree with you 100%..Parents need to teach better home training!! I have a 16 , a 12 , and a 2 year old and if any of them ever act the way some of the kids I see at my work or at the ball field...I would ground them to their rooms for life!!!! The way most children act these days is ridiculous..it is embarrassing to me and every other parent trying to raise respectable adults one day. I am only 37 and it is my generation of parents who are so clueless as to how direspectful their kids are
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Some people are ignorant because they do not think at all before they open there mouths..people can be raised with values and come from a good home,but once that tongue starts going..oh boy!!..you know that saying,,the tongue is a mighty sword and it is,,words and just the things that come out the mouth makes a person,,it is what makes us all very different and  makes us all judge each other,,.words can either help you or hurt you or someone else.. I keep to myself a lot because of the ignorant words I hear.. If I did not have to go out of my house,, I sure would not.. It seems everyone wants to hurt eachother nowadays.. Does it hurt to be kind,or nice.. Without someone mistaking it for a weakness.. I am too kind sometimes,,and taken advantage of,, and ignorance is being taken advantage of someones kindness..  I do what I feel in my heart because I always fees gods presence no matter what!!
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People are ignorant because they just run there mouths instead of thinking they don't care who they hurt in  return they should stop and think once in a while and I'm not trying to sound arrogant but to be honest I'm only 15 and these type of people that just think there so cool  are annoying !!!  they don't know everything people   go through but yet they feel the need to say whats on there mind next time you have a opinion please stop and listen before you judge!!
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I guess in some ways we are all ignorant.. But some people just take it to another level. I can't stand people who are rude about it too. Looking back, I used to be ignorant too and I'm sure I still am in many ways. But a lot to do with race... I have changed and take stuff to heart now and I can't stand to here people making fun of other people for things they can't change or stupid stereotypes that make other people feel uncomfortable or down about themselves. Ignorant people just sounds REALLY stupid.
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People are mostly ignorant due to the way they were raised...and thats all I can really say. You are rich then you think everyone is weak, you are poor you think everyone is full of ****. Hard to deal with ignorant people, but the world is full of them. I can say let them be ignorant, its not worth the time to argue, or hate. Its there loss not ours.
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The irony is that we call people ignorant when we don't like their opinion or behavior.  We are all so-called ignorant about something. It can be humbling to finally be open enough to actually understand a person we so easily label as ignorant. And, no you don't have to be a theist to do this. In fact, our religion often makes it harder to do this.
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It is worth remembering the famous quote from eighteenth-century English poet Thomas Gray's “On a Distant Prospect of Eton College,” “Where ignorance is bliss, / ‘Tis folly to be wise.’”
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Much has to do with the thinking process itself.
For example here is a very interesting description of 'open-mindedness'.
Some think that open-mindedness means others should view things just how they view them and not consider plausibility or risk.  www.youtube.com/watch?v=T69TOuqaqXI
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To be totally honest I think it's the way they were brought up.
But who knows... They might get a satisfaction out of trying to act superior by insulting or degrading somebody.
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I Think That Some People ~ Not All But Most ~ Are Ignorant Because They Don't Know Any Better! There Is This Really Ignorant Guy Down My Street Who Makes Me Mad! Every Time I Wave Or Say Hello He Just Blanks Me! I Think All Parents Should Teach Their Children Manners! If I Have Kids I Will Do!
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I believe everyone is ignorant, it might not be about the same thing, but we are all ignorant. I think it might have to do with our sub conscience and how it chooses to ignore the things that might not do us good. Like people say "Ignorance is bliss" so we actually choose to be ignorant of some things to be more happy , but that's just my opinion
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We are all ignorant in someway or another, wether we like it or not. My spelling can make me seem ignorant or something said without thought. We simply need to understand that everyone is different and stop all this pointing and accusations of "its because there not of the same religion as me" or the " its because they were brought up differently from me"

we are all human!

Whats it going to take to make us realise that all our differences are simply are creations.
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I agree with cspook7 100%, but I believe I had rather be ignorant than stupid, there is always a chance
that I will learn or be taught something if I'm ignorant, you just can't fix stupid !!!!
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I believe it's because everyone wants to be right and opinions differ.
Main reason in my opinion is that not enough people give their lives to Jesus Christ.
The world would be a much calmer places if everyone did.

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