Why Are There SO Many, Rude And Ignorant People In This World?


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That sounds a lot like a rhetorical question. My opinion is that society is at fault. It has become dependant on breading fear in the masses in order to inhibit free will and inducting a conscious ideal that "big brother knows best". As such acts of localised social disruption are more tolerated then they would have been 50 years ago because they go towards reinforcing the fear in people. With the increase in tolerance and the reduction in direct ramification of disruptive acts, people have less respect for the outcome of their actions and see no further than their own narrow needs. This along with the "get them before they get you" ideals that are being inferred by the media at large serves to encourage people to respect nothing but their own desires. This brings about the increase in rudeness and ignorance that is so virulent in modern life.Example: An elderly woman watches the news every night and hears nothing but the badness that is rotting society. One day a different woman falls over over and a concerned honest youth approaches her to make sure she is not badly hurt. Said youth is wearing a black hoodie and has baggy jeans on simply because it's what he feels comfortable in. The old lady from the start of the story happens by just as the youth is bending over the injured woman to make sure that she is ok. She sees what she thinks is a mugging and shouts for the police. The youth gets arrested, interviewed, and eventually released after the injured woman makes her statement. Said youth is now embittered by the whole proceedings and decides there is no worth in helping anyone but himself. The old woman is prised for being a conscientious member of society, while the person that was actually trying to do the good deed is persecuted for no other reason than media generated stigmatism.Until people start caring more about the experiences they have in life than the storeys they are spoon fed by the media the population will never improve.
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It starts with us. The fact that you are asking the question and seeking an answer is the first step. The reason why there are so many rude and ignorant people in the world is mainly because those people are not interested in looking out for the best interest of others. They haven't been taught or do not listen/follow to the life lesson of treating others as you would like to be treated. Using yourself is your best guide. At the same time, people are human. It's humane to be forgiving and understanding of peoples' mishaps. We are all guilty of acting rudely and ignorant at times. Ask yourself, how would like to be treated in this situation before you act. That's all you can do. Live by example and others will follow.
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Marissa Carpenter
I got on this blurtit to try to convince people to repent. Although they dont have to pay any attention2 me- they where very harsh toward jesus name. I am looking out for their best interest. I dont want any1 to go to the opposite of heaven when they die. JESUS LOVES YOU
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Its not suprising that you got a lot of hate for that, marissa. People are happy with what they believe and they don't like it when people tell them that they're wrong. You can believe what you want, but please - just let us believe what we want.
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This may be a simplistic answer, but it's just my opinion that society, as a whole, has become increasingly "rude and ignorant" because so many have turned away from the "old school ways" that were mostly based on good Christian values. Seemed to me that when they removed prayer and corporal punishment from schools and from the parents and things of that nature, I watched a lot of fellow students and friends from my childhood go downhill, grow up, have families of their own and take their families downhill, thus creating the domino effect we are now experiencing.
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There are many rude people in the world because most of us think that we are above other's intellectual capacity and that we are far way better than that of another person.

There are many ignorant people in the world simply because we don't know everything.

But i think the best way to put it is, there are many rude ad ignorant people in the world because we try to classify them and put them in that category. Yet if we would just respect and try to understand each other, such classification would not exist.
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But isn't it safe to say that ignorant people are not exactly capable of having respect for others? The reason I say that is that they aren't respectful enough of themselves to LEARN then how can they be respectful of others? Generally speaking I personally think that it is society, babies having babies, I mean how is a 15 year old supposed to teach it's baby how to be respectful of themselves and others if they weren't really respectful of their own bodies in the first place?!?!?!

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