Why Are There So Many Fake People In The World? Why Can't They Just Relax And Be Them Self.


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Unfortunately, those people tend to think the rest of the world wouldn't care for them if they were themselves. It's funny ( not ha ha funny) that people would rather portray themselves as someone or something they're not.
Whether they're the worst or best person on the earth, we will never know because they won't give us the opportunity to meet the real person within.
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samantha sundeen
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Thank you I feel the exact same way. I am more like to make friends with someone who is real than fake. If you are fake I will drop you like a bad habit.
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I feel like the world has to much to live for.. And how are we living when all we can do is think about all the worst in one person {or} our self's//.. Like question the  says.. Why can't we just relax???

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