Why Are Old People So Negative About Teenagers Life Styles?


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Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
Mainly because we (I'm not old, I'm just a
little dry around the edges) weren't 'raised
that way'.  Look how 'Flower Power' was
seen by the old folks.  Mini skirts (wide belts, rather),
Go-go boots, bell bottoms pants and Beatle haircuts.   
Did you know that Elvis was condemned as lewd and vulgar
by the older generation because of his swivelling hips?   
Compare that to the boob-flashing and crouch-
grabbing of recent.  How about the kids who got a kick
out of getting illegal moonshine through to the buyers
or the big, bad biker trend?   Those who did it saw nothing
wrong with it and those who watched have plenty to say about it.
You know how the 1920's flapper looked like,
don't you?  Imagine for a minute what Momma
and Daddy said the day their sweet little girl came
home from college looking like 'that'.   Now try to envision what
YOU'D do/say if your kid came home with
whatever wild new trend that will pop up.
Call me Rae..? Profile
Call me Rae..? answered
I would say its because they (of course) have already been through life and they can see all the mistakes we're making. They dont like a teenager's life style because they like more subdued lifestyles because they've already ''felt the excitement,'' and they think a teenager's lifestyle is wild/crazy. Which is true for most of us. Elders like the way things used to be when teenagers weren't as ...different as they are today(compared to when they were teenagers), and they are set in their ways. A lot of times, negativity from elders is mainly caused by misunderstandings or simply because they know what we're getting ourselves into.
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Arthur Wright answered
This is as old a story as life itself.  The older generations never agree with the younger ones and probably never will s the older generations always feel thru experience that their way is best while the newer generation feels their ways are new and fresh. Never ending feud here
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David Mathley answered
You see it as negative and by some it may be. When I was your age I was into Rock music that was about as bad lyric wise of the rap of today. I did a lot of other silly things then that I did not think was silly at the time. My elders tryed to mentor and guide me to a better path of life and I thought they just did not understand. Just like you.
Now that I am older I understand all the adults in my life had my best intrest at heart for the most part and was only trying to me. One day you will understand that to but for now you will just try to be who you think you are at this point in your life.
As T-wright said this is nothing new.
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Merlin Paine answered
Everything T Wright said...
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Because they do not have a life. Very hypocritical.
thanked the writer.
Jewelly A. Shetka
Be nice. Our lives just aren't as hectic as yours are.
Do keep in mind that OUR parents (a good number of them)
said the same thing about our life styles....as theirs said
about theirs. Each generation seems 'old fashioned', prudish,
or even 'unreasonable' to the next. And I doubt if that will
ever change.
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William Harkin answered
Hold your horses a moment.My generation invented the word "teenager".
The simple reason is,youth is wasted on the young
Sarah Profile
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It cuz they have to be a good responsible person making sure u guys do the right things
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yarnlady answered
Whoa - I'm old and I'm not the least bit negative about Teenagers Life Styles. I have raised two sons and I have three adult grandsons. I was a foster care provider who specialized in taking in teens, so I have a lot of experience with them.
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I don no, some of them r jealous and when they see teenagers r dressin so hot they get jealous. Lol
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Eunice Kwarteng answered
Coz they made mistakes when they were young and they compare thier life to ours and that makes me mad!!!! Coz they are diffrent from me the time period waz diffrent!!

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