Why Are Teenage Boys So Dirty?


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Teenage guys are diry because they're going through adolessance, so their curiosity about girls rages. They start maturing as well as noticing the bodily features of females around them. Some might make a big deal, others won't. It truly depends on the guy.

Also, guys'll talk dirty with their freinds bout girls because that's their nature, they can't become " in to" a girl without thinking that she's good looking first. In fact, some guys'll plainly ignore a girl whom doesn't look good to him. It's not so much that they're dirty, it's just that they're not like girls, they're thinking of the physical instead of the emotional. Like guys don't dream about getting married to some girl because they're in love. No, instead, they think and talk about one of the only things that's natural at their age. Sex
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The least of their worries is to have good hygene. Their interest would lie in the realm of video games and pizza
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We are in a sex saturated society, if you don't like it, get rid of the the media that promotes it
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Its like that
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Thats not true I know some girls that are way dirtier than any guys will ever be it has nothing to do with whether you're a guy or a girl it's just nature.
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Hey, pshhh. I'm 16 and I am not that dirty. I find that lots of teenage girls are though, so what now? Lol, jk.

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