Why Are Boys So Stupid Sometimes?


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Carrie Profile
Carrie answered
It is just that my best friend is the boy that is being the jerk and i don't know why he is doing this. I have done thing to him and he just turned on me.
Chaka Ingram Profile
Chaka Ingram answered
Honey, I don't know what to tell you but boys can the biggest jerks in the world. Sometimes, I know me and my boyfriend go at it over the dumbest things. He is the one who starts it but if you really like this guy. Then you should try talking to him again.
alexxus threatt Profile
alexxus threatt answered
I know right boys can be so sloppy and stupid. I know y because there boys DA. They r so rude,the a only way there going to act nice is when u put a girl in there face. Or if they have a XBOX 360. LOL. I thin every girl knows that,no boy can denni it.
Avery Garcia Profile
Avery Garcia answered
Boys are retarded thats why... They arent from or species...
kara mochak Profile
kara mochak answered
Sometimes they can be jerks. My boyfriend can be sometimes. But hey you can't live with them and can't live without them.
Britt Isard Profile
Britt Isard answered
Because they not as sifisdicated as us girlsbcause they do not have as many brain cells as  us
divadoll diva Profile
divadoll diva answered
Because they are not as mucher as girls are and plus i think they are born with out a wit or a concusine sounded like this con susas.

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