Why Are Men So Stubborn And Difficult At Times?


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Lady D Bell answered
Men today are so stubborn and willn't give in right away. They think they know it all. I guess it must be a man thing.
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The male is the hunter-provider and protector of the family. The female cooks and takes care of the children. Who do you think the toughest is here and the boss? The male and he knows it. The female had to adapt tact and cunning to get her way. This stubborn streak can also work both ways.
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tinga nih answered
They are just like us girls who are difficult most of the times.. HAHA actually for me.. Boys are easy to understand.. Take time to know them more.. And you will understand every thing they do.. =D
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Alice cullen answered
Men are just so stupid at times. (No offense guys!) Older men, (16-50) pretty much think about females and then they are in their own little reality.
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Michael Albert answered
I think the main reason is we were raised by our mother mostly, and she
just happened to be a woman. And almost every one knows women are
stubborn and difficult and they passed it on to their sons. So that's how
we get that way. LOL

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