Why do 'popular girls' have to at so superior and mean all the time? Ugh!!


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Nicole Ashley answered

They do it to give themselves a rise but in reality they know the people who they pick on are 100% better of a person then them. Their jealous . But once high school is done, nobody cares if your were popular anymore. Nothing like that matters and you look back and think how dumb it was to have cliques in school.

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PJ Stein answered

Because they know once they graduate from high school they are going to be a "has been". They have nothing left to offer when they get out into the real world and they are trying to control what little time they have on the top.

Next time they try to get to you, just remember in a few short years their life is going down hill and fast. Keep that in mind, then walk away and smile, with the knowledge that your life is going to get better. 

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Tom Jackson answered

Well they don't necessarily think that they are superior to you, they may just think that they are different from you in a superior way. (That's a joke.)

If you treat them as if they are superior, how else would you expect them to respond.  And if they can't handle their presumed superiority properly, why would you think they wouldn't treat others "mean?"

If they can't handle their popularity appropriately, why would you think they would treat others "well?"

Some popular people are actually pretty good people already.  You just have to hope the others will eventually get there too.

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