Why do some girls like to be on the phone, but at times don't say anything and just like to sit without saying anything or having a conversation? For example, this girl likes me and when the conversation starts to fade she dont want to hang up


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Because it's the best feeling to be able to be with someone in comfortable silence.  Girls are awesome at talking .. And making convo ... But we don't wanna feel like we always have to. If you've met someone who is comfortable just being silent with you ... That's so awesome :) 

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brandon brandon
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I really love her so i also feel that way with her. I know what you mean. We would be on the phone past midnight and would fall asleep on the phone lol
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Lol :) i know lots about falling asleep on the phone with someone :) as long as you get to fall asleep together soon ... Awesome !
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brandon brandon , btw, i love her myself and she loves me, answered

btw, i love her and she loves me as well and we are dating now.  I cant but talk to her either

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