I like the most popular guy in my class, I'm a freshman and I'm kinda popular, but we talk all the time at school and he always looks at me. What should i do?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

What do you want to happen here?  First try to be friends and then let Nature take over and let whatever happens happen. You cant rush into anything here nor try and force it, or youll scare him off so just talk to him and find some likes that you have in common with him and build off those.  Just don't tell him how you feel and he will know. Good luck

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Lia Tan answered

You should flirt with him more. If you already do flirt with him, then what you need to do is make it a bit more "forward". As in try to touch him by "accident" or make a more suggestive joke. But nothing too forward or else it'll scare him away.

Either that or become better friends with him. Relationships can start out from a friendship - they often do actually. So you can try to strengthen your friendship. Maybe suggest to hang out, but only as friends. From this, you'll be on your way to becoming good friends.

There are, of course, problems with both approaches. With the flirty approach, there is always the risk that he will actually draw back once he notices. He might get "scared" and try to avoid you or make minimal contact with you. With the friend one, there is a high risk of being friend zoned and never considered to be a potential ever! They are both equally worse. The flirty one can get you somewhat rejected while the friend one can get you friend zoned.

Getting friend zoned doesn't seem so bad at first, but trust me, it feels terrible. Sometimes it's so bad that you'd rather be rejected than be friend zoned. Being friend zoned is really annoying too because they think that you're their friend so they're casually around you and their presence keeps reminding you how you can't have them! Whereas after being rejected, you both are awkward with each other, you stay away from each other, and thus you are able to move on.

But enough about the rejected and friend zone. Make a plan about what you will do and say if you aren't the compulsive type. I'm pretty compulsive so I rarely do this, but if I want to get things just right, I do occasionally plan it out and think about it.

Main point: Strengthen your relationship with him somehow. Whether you're flirting more or building a friendship with him, it's important he knows that you are interested in him somehow. I wish you luck!

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angie zhang answered

Usually its cliché the way popular guys only go for popular girls .. Honestly that is just rubbish , honestly sometimes you see a guy and you just think ''... Ughhh never have a chance at me .. Let alone glance at me for a second ..'' its not true . Sometimes guys may like a girl that people he's friends with consider the girl as ugly or annoying or some name which automatically shows they don't like her , as they say bros before hoes , so sometimes you may catch him looking at you and smiling but sometimes completely ignore you when he's with friends , its the thing with society we try to fit in and you know we don't risk ourselves to get humiliated or lose friends. Okay enough with that well seeing as you guys talk a lot that's a good thing , because really if someone doesn't even talk to you at all its kinda weird at first to approach someone , seeing as you guys are already talking , which is great because relationships usually come from friendships .. Well a lot of them , I suggest you can act more closer to him flirtier , don't act too friendly it will just put you in the friendzone or make him feel like you already friend zoned him and that will make it harder to get you guys together , so act more nice and flirtatious around him , give more body contact as in hand on his arm or hand on his back , if he starts to show some of these closer movements after flirting to him mildly it could mean he is getting  the hint  that maybe you like him which YOU DO and then slowly after you get closer to him and he's comfortable with you he will maybe ask you out :)

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